BowFit LLC, the pioneer company in training archery muscles, keeping you warmed up in your treestand and helping you avoid injury to those muscles necessary for the archer/bowhunter has recently been made available for sale.

Owner/Inventor Dave Cole MSPT announced that after years of building his company, his other enterprises were demanding more of his attention and he was looking for a buyer.

“BowFit offers great products that answer the physical needs of everyone who is involved in the sport of archery. From the BowFit Archery Exerciser product line to the teaching/instructional video and Sportsman Back Brace, BowFit products have created a strong following and a consistently growing consumer market. I know that in the right hands, with strong marketing and a commitment to the quality I have put into this line, BowFit will continue to grow and prosper. I have had a great run with the company but I now want to pursue other career choices and am ready to hand off this successful company to the next owner.”

If you are interested in owning the most successful name in exercise/training products for the archery industry please contact: Dave Cole at:  (888) 757-5541 for details.