The Bow Trainer

What hunting and bow-busting shape are you in? Now, please… truly think about it. Do you describe yourself as an average bow shooter that defines a seasonal archer’s shape, lacking the fine-tuning of core bow muscle strengths? Or are you the hardcore archery aficionado who takes their game to a new level by being in perfect archer’s shape year round?

Let me introduce to a brand new product that’s as radical as the name, Bow Trainer™. Designed by an avid archer and certified physical therapist, Bow Trainer™ is a unique training tool that can help archers obtain greater accuracy by improving their form and increasing their strength and stamina. Bow Trainer™ is the perfect training tool for archers of any age and level of experience–from novice to seasoned professional.

I cannot stress the importance of building your archery specific muscles. You may swim hundreds of laps, sweat gallons during weight training, or waste countless hours in front of an impulse buy exercise DVD you purchased off an infomercial at midnight, but you will never be able to hone-in on your core bow strengths without shooting archery regularly or having an incredible tool like the Bow Trainer™. There’s nothing in the world that absolutely replicates the form and fundamentals of archery shooting than using this very tool.

Your archery muscles include; triceps, deltoid, lats, trapezius minor, rhomboid, and even your bicep. These are the core muscles to teach, build, activate, and enhance your shooting capabilities year-round. The moment you set your bow in your closet or under your bed to gather heaps of dust after a long whitetail season, is the very moment you should at the very least keep your strength and conditioning up to par.

Over the course of a month, I’ve tried the Bow Trainer challenge! There are times where I literally sat on my couch glued into the Outdoor Channel cranking on my Bow Trainer™. During tradeshows or sporting events when foot traffic slows, I reach under the booth and grab it also. It’s truly a get-up-and-go product. Weighing in at 1.2 lbs, 36” in length, and a draw resistance up to 130 lbs, it is never too much of a hassle to bring anywhere. I’ve muscles my draw weight several pounds already!

Many factors can disrupt an archer’s ability to train consistently during their off-season. When their competitive or hunting season arrives, they pick up their bow and find they’ve lost some strength. With less strength and less stamina their accuracy suffers. It’s human nature. With the Bow Trainer™ program archers can train almost anywhere for optimum strength and accuracy. And since the Bow Trainer™ is easy to store, and it comes with a detailed user manual and online training program, participation and success can begin immediately and continue all year long.

Now, you must ask yourself. What are you doing to help increase your success? You’ve purchased drawer full’s of camouflage, bathtubs full’s of scent elimination soaps, and a new bow every couple years. That’s fine and dandy, now isn’t it time you worry about the most important and critical aspects of the kill; focusing your attention on your ability to remain accurate in the woods, increase your muscle stamina at full draw, and extremely redefine your hunting skill set?

Whether you are a competitive archer, traditional shooter, or the person who has to have the latest and greatest compound bow for hunting, the Bow Trainer™ will work for you. I cannot stress the fact enough that woman, children, or people who have had shoulder injuries must take a look at this product. One of my most prized attributes about it is that you can take the product anywhere! Stuff it in your duffle bag, back seat of your car, in your office, or in your bow case before you shoot. The simplicity and effectiveness is magnificent.

My dearest hopes are to provide outdoor enthusiasts with services, products, or tools that will greatly help their shooting performance during and off-season. Feel free to browse Bow Trainer’s™ website at

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