Gone are the days of the covered wagons and oxen pulled plow, but the lifestyle of ranching is still a strong part of America’s heritage. The same can be said for hunting. Both are facing a modern day challenge that threatens their very existence. Frustrated about the diminishing game herds and struggling ranchers across the West, Bryan Beauchamp and Troy Patton decided to form a new organization called Horns N Heritage.

The mission of Horns N Heritage is simple; to raise money for wildlife programs and studies that may have been overlooked or underfunded that support the preservation of a balanced environment.

“People see that everything we’ve worked for in helping build our game herd”

populations to historic levels are now seriously threatened.” Says one of the founding partners. Shot on location in Western Montana, Horns and Heritage has just released a 3 minute promotional video, which explains the group’s stance on the Introduced Grey wolf and how everything in nature needs to be managed.

“Interviewing people who have been directly affected first hand really hit home when you hear how the wolves have changed their way of life.” exclaimed Filmmaker Jim Kinsey who recently shot and produced the piece.

“Being an outdoor enthusiast I’ve witnessed the moose and elk populations drop significantly inside Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding States. I want my children’s children to enjoy what was once the most amazing National Park in North America. ” Claims Shannon Buhr one of the founding partners.

Horns N Heritage hopes to make a strong stance on the management of all predators.

Photo by: C.Thomas Hoff

“What we are witnessing is the genocide of a species. If it were human beings in peril this would have been over long ago. Although wild and beautiful the wolf needs to be managed just like our deer and elk populations. Future generations will look back on what we did to keep the wolf populations in check and by doing so they’ll see the benefits for all animals based on our decision making process.” exclaimed Beauchamp

Horns N Heritage will fight to gain knowledge and educate in order to preserve and restore our hunting and ranching heritage so that we can continue to enjoy the many blessings we are graced with and pass them down to our children.

Watch This Video:

They invite all hunters, ranchers and animal lovers to join the fight.

HornsnHeritage.com has an online store where you can order gear, become a member or just show your support in persevering our way of life.

Contact: Bryan Beauchamp
Co-Founder HNH

Web: www.hornsnheritage.com
Email: bryan.beauchamp@hornsnheritage.com