We have all heard the urban legend of the backpack that can handle any type of weather only to find out it cant and your gear is soaking wet . Here at Badlands we have always taken pride in “taking the ordinary and making it exceptional.”  The latest category in line up is the new storm series: 100% storm proof Backpack & Duffel Bag.

The storm series is made from an ultra light P.U coated 500 denier nylon so it can handle years of abuse. All zippers and seams are 100% welded and taped using a technique called Radio Frequency Welding so it does not matter if it rains, sleets, snows or hails, your equipment will stay dry and protected.

Sidewinder Day Pack

The new Badlands Sidewinder has a vented and highly sophisticated suspension for a great fit and comfort. It has 5 pockets for superior organization and will also carry a bow quite nicely.Vented Shoulder straps, Welded Seems and Zippers. Weight 2lbs 8oz – 2100 ci capacity

Viper Duffel Bag

Imagine throwing your gear in a bag , throwing that into the bed of your truck and never having to think about it again. Easy carry handle, Welded Seems and Zippers. Weight 1lbs 8oz – 2400 ci capacity

Adder Duffel Bag

The Adder affords you the same peace of mind as the Viper bag, it’s just a lot bigger. Now you can load even more in the Adder with its reinforced bottom and easy grab handles. Easy carry handle, Welded Seems and Zippers. Weight 1lbs 10oz – 3500 ci capacity

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