Shane Renard

Spring is around the corner and so is Turkey Hunting. I love Turkey hunting with friends and family and building strong bonds and relationships. I feel the camp life is just as important as the actual hunt itself. I will never forget the time I went hunting with a good friend from Amherst, Wisconsin Troy Piotrowski.

Troy is a taxidermist by trade and owns D3 Decoys, did I mention he also is a champion Turkey caller. This guy can call with the best of them.  I can’t call to save my rear. I usually choke and gag on my diaphragm calls. So, I just give him a jingle and go hunting for the bearded forest chickens.

Eric and I jumped into my truck and headed west to Troy’s house.  Upon arrival, Troy has just finished his finally touches on these real turkey decoy’s that are Jake turkey’s with moving tails and WORK AWESOME!  The bird comes with a moving tail or without and a carrying bag with this platform. You have to inquire about purchasing one if you are remotely serious about turkey hunting. Troy even fooled a weary coyote on the fence line.  I know coyotes are extremely hard to deceive.

Last year was the first year that “After the Snap” was in production and filming. Eric, Troy and I, went to seek these majestic creatures in Amherst, WI. I really can’t recall who was up to bat first Eric, or I, but anyway.  Eric Johnson is co-owner in “After the Snap” with Al Johnson and I. We started this company to hunt on film and entertain the hunting genre.  Wow, what an adventure it has become. We are featured on The Sportsman Channel 3 nights a week. The show’s title is  “North American Safari.” Blaine Anthony is our editor and producer of the show. The show has won #1 big game show. Check us out. Yes, Troy is on our staff.

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