Tracer RLi Lighted Nocks

See arrow flight with new Tracer RLi – now with a replaceable lithium battery

From: Kim Cahalan – Media Direct

Tracer RLI delivers the most advanced technology available in nock illumination and now incorporates a replaceable lithium battery. The patented Tracer system utilizes an on-board micro controller with a magnetically activated switch. Available in super-bright red, the lightweight Tracer RLi lights a track all the way to the target.

Tracer RLi features easy, adhesive-free installation and uses no moving parts. Tracer automatically lights at the shot by passing a magnet mounted on the riser or rest. The powerful LED lights for 10-seconds before the microchip automatically switches to flash mode. The unique flash mode provides greater visibility for recovery and longer battery life— up to 90 hours. Tracer RLi is available in S, X, H, Microlite and crossbow sizes to retrofit virtually any arrow or bolt. Multi-packs include free practice nocks for easy tuning and sighting in. The permanent ON/OFF switch deactivates the light to preserve batteries during storage, traveling, or practice.

Tracer RLi is available in two-packs with three batteries and weighted practice nocks. Additional replacement batteries are available in three packs.

MSRP 2 pack is: $25.99

Find Tracer RLi Lighted Nocks at your local archery dealer or on line at:

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