As we travel from state to state this spring bowhunting for the Wild Turkey Grand Slam we are using a lot of great equipment to help us in the quest for success. One new product that the Bowhunting.Net team is using this spring is the Bowstix from Wanna “B” Outdoors. It’s a brand new product that every blind bowhunting fanatic and 3D tournament archer is going to want once they see how it works.

The Bowstix take the place of your bow’s stabilizer and provide a bow stand at the same time.  No more laying your bow down on the ground.  Just use the Bowstix to stand it up.  When you’re not using the Bowstix just remove them from the stabilizer bar, screw the two ends together and pop them in your quiver like an arrow.  It’s that simple.

I used the Bowstix in an actual hunting situation for the first time when I shot my Florida Osceola Longbeard last week. I was impressed because I didn’t have to think about making sure everything on my Alpine bow was ready as the action happened quick. My bow was right in front of me, standing up, with an arrow nocked. All I had to do was grab the bow and pull back.

Thanks to Bowstix, I shot my first gobbler.

To buy Bowstix before your turkey hunting season begins visit

Be sure to check back as we show you more equipment from our Wild Turkey Grand Slam hunt.