Defeat the 6th Sense™

Successful turkey hunters wear HECS.

HECS represents one of the most significant technological advancements in the science of human concealment to be seen in generations. It is a scientific fact that every living creature creates an EM Field that research has shown animals are capable of detecting.

The special conductive grid in the HECS clothing effectively blocks the EM energy emissions making the wearer significantly less detectable by animals. HECS technology has been thoroughly tested by qualified independent research groups and has become the ‘Secret Weapon’ of some of today’s most successful hunters. HECS clothing has proven effective in keeping animals calm and more relaxed when in close proximity to humans.


  • Electromagnetic fields are greatly intensified by the hunter’s increasing heartbeat and by all movement.
  • New research proves game animals sense the EM field emitted by all hunters.
  • This EM field is the true cause of the infamous “6th sense” all game animals are known to possess.
  • HECS Energy Cloak™ Fabric blocks the Electromagnetic field and conceals hunters in a way never before possible.
  • HECS 6th Sense Apparel will help keep you undetected when in the presence of game!
  • Successful whitetail hunters wear HECS.

    Successful hunters everywhere wear HECS.

    World Records are Falling to Hunters who have discovered and are using HECS EM energy blocking clothing. You can too!

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