Collin Cottrell and I switched places to see if we could call another gobbler over to us so that Collin could get a shot too. We gave it two hours before getting out of the blind to recover my Eastern gobbler.

I walked to where I had last seen the longbeard. Collin spoke out, “Robert, look at your arrow.”

When I got over to him I saw my arrow. Yikes.

It was sticking in a small sapling tree.

Actually, and more correctly, it was sticking through a small sapling tree. And the tree was between me and the Eastern gobbler.

I didn’t get this gobbler.

Sooo … back to the arrow in the tree. This really says something about the how tough the broadhead I’m using on the Grand Slam hunt, the Grim Reaper Whitetail Special. It has a 2-inch cut.

The broadhead was impossible to pull out of the little tree so I unscrewed the arrow shaft. Lets take a closer look at this. Look at the Grim Reaper close up.

The broadhead width is 2-inches and is wider than the sapling. The sapling is plenty tough but the broadhead slammed completely through it … and even split the tree vertically. Those razor sharp blades are not only sharp they, as you can see, are very tough.

And look at how far the Grim Reaper’s point is sticking out of the tree. Now that is penetration. The tip is not dinged or bent. This is one tough broadhead.

It says something good about the bow I’m using too, a F1 Fireball speed bow by Alpine Archery.  My Fireball is set at only 58 pounds, because I prefer to turkey hunt with less weight than I deer hunt with. And it slammed the broadhead completely through the solid wood of the tree. This bow is not only accurate and smooth drawing, it packs a big punch.  A powerful bow.

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