By: Rick Philippi

When I cross paths with a product that I believe will benefit the readers I love to share it. Well, one was just hit out of the park with the creation of The Blind Turtle. This versatile blind can be used as a permanent structure or it can easily be moved with very little effort. It is made out of polyurethane and only weighs 135 lbs.

The height is 6’ and the wall thickness is 3/16” and the floor area is 6’ in diameter. There is plenty of room to move; in fact two can hunt comfortably.

Author’s brother in-law Bill starts building the elevated base.

The Blind Turtle blind is a product of Outcrop Specialties, LLC. The father and son team of Ed and Kurt Fell are the owners and inventors of this ground-breaking product. I spoke with Kurt Fell on the phone and asked him many questions prior to purchasing two of his blinds. I asked how he came up with the idea of The Blind Turtle. Kurt lives in Ohio and he said the vigorous weather and its harsh elements would usually trash his pop-up style ground blinds if they were left out for more than two months. He also said he started hunting on the ground because of the safety factor. Kurt mentioned he also had the habit of wanting to fall asleep while hunting from a tree stand and the thought of falling scared the living day-lights out of him forcing him to start hunting on the ground.

After my conversation with Kurt I made the determination to invest into two of The Bind Turtle’s. I simply loved the thought of being able to leave them out all year long and the fact that they will not be destroyed due to the weather is awesome. Another benefit of the blind being left out all year is that the wildlife would become familiar with the structure. Anyone who has ever put up a pop-up blind knows that deer usually need days to weeks to acclimate to any new configuration invading their territory. What is nice with The Blind Turtle is when hunting season rolls around you simply climb in and HUNT!

The elevated base is competed, ready for the blind.

I elevated my blinds which make them more of a permanent structure. I put them 6 feet off the ground which gave me the right angle for a 10 yard shot and further. I have hunted my ranch for years so I knew exactly where to put them. Kurt said he knows quite a few hunters who just hunt on the ground with The Blind Turtle. Another feature with this style is if you are not exactly where you need to be, the blind can easily be moved to the right location. Remember, it only weighs 135 lbs making it effortless to move.

The Blind Turtle is ready for the hunt.

The Blind Turtle comes in various colors such as Black, Green, and Desert Sand. The construction of the blind is a one piece hard-wearing molded dome. It has weather resistant hardware and minimum of 5 up to 10 windows. The blind also helps to contain your scent and is built to withstand the rigors of the outdoor elements. Another important factor is it’s made in the good ole USA.

For your own; go to Blind Turtle give Kurt or Ed a call to find out more about this excellent creation. Toll Free 888-419-5594

Safe Hunting,

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