By: Frank Addington Jr.

I am often asked how I transport my bows and gear across the country when I do my instinctive archery exhibitions.  In any given year I will do approximately 30 appearances in 20-25 states.  I have to protect my bows and gear and make certain when I arrive at a show that my bows will be ready to roll.  For many years now I have relied on SKB cases to do the job.

The good folks at SKB provided my latest cases for my use but I was buying the cases years before they furnished them.  I fly with my gear and sometimes will ship it ahead of me.  However the gear is transported, once I shut the SKB case up I don’t give it a second thought.  I am very confident that these cases will do the job.  I use their double take down recurve case for my bows and a large box style case for net and other show gear.  I also use an arrow case but it is not SKB, I don’t believe they make an arrow case at this time.

Anyway, I can safely transport two bows and other accessories in the take down case.

The cases have wheels so that I can roll them through an airport or civic center, and they are easy to load.  When you think of all the airplanes, trucks, and civic centers these cases see in a year’s time it takes a rugged case to stand up to this abuse.  The bow case also features locks so that you can lock it if needed.  I like the fact that the cases also have a good warranty.  You can read all about the SKB line of cases here:

I am very careful about product endorsements.  I have turned down financial contracts for products that I do not use or that I do not personally believe in.  If I endorse a product, it means that I have used it and I believe in it.  My father is in the retail archery business and I learned this from him.  Anytime a sales rep would bring a new product to Pop, he would test it first before he would stock it in his store.  If it didn’t stand up or do what the rep claimed it would do, he refused to carry it.  I am the same way.  I have full confidence in SKB cases, I have seen them stand up to my rigid travel schedule for years and they are my case of choice.  I trust my bows in these cases and think that you will find that they will do a good job for you too.

That’s the latest, until next time, Adios & God Bless.

Shoot Straight,

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