The hunt was done. Shane Hendershot and Wicked Sister did the job of bringing the gobbler over by me within bow range. This is the first gobbler of our road trip for the wild turkey Grand Slam in the Spring of 2011.

Shane Hendershot brought the Osceola gobbler in with a Wicked Sister by Zink Calls.

NWTF National Champion turkey caller Shane Hendershot and me. Shane is holding up the Thunder Ridge Aluminum friction call.

Most of my gobbler hunts are by myself or with one other person. This morning we had quite an entourage. This is all 5 of us.

Collin Cottrell, Shane Hendershot, David Mills, C.J. White and Robert Hoague on our first successful Osceola bowhunt of 2011.

We are hunting with David Mills at Williams Wildlife Preserve near Arcadia, Florida. David Mill’s Team Struttn, Ruttn N Reeln are giving us a great Osceola turkey hunt. David specializes in Osceola turkey hunts with shotgun or bow, alligator hunts and whitetail deer hunts. For information or to book a hunt contact David Mills at 863-303-4726.

2011 Grand Slam Hunt is Sponsored By:

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