Bohning Pro Hunting Staff member, Cory Benge, accepts Platinum Award from the GSCO Club for the 2nd largest archery Dall Ram entered for the year. The presenter was Tom Hoffman. “What a great honor not only to win the award but to be in the presence of such a hunting icon like Tom.” – Cory
Born and raised in central Illinois where some of my first bowhunts came at the expense of opossums, ground squirrels, rabbits, carp and one very tough muskrat. This particular ‘big five’ were all tagged before my 10th birthday. This so called career in archery began at the age of 7 and my bow really wasn’t a bow at all…but more a pear tree limb and some weedeater string, couple with some sharpened apple tree limbs. Many days I spent pretending being Daniel Boone, chasing animals and fraternizing with the invisible ‘local Indians’ that lived on our farm. At the age of 13 I choose to move from small game and try my luck at bigger ungulates. Finally at the age of 15 I took my first deer, a button buck shot at 37 yards while I was standing on limbs of a very old and very large oak tree in my home state, central Illinois.

2011 finds me with 41 years to my credit of which 28 years have been spent with bow in hand. I was once a very competitive 3D and indoor shooter but with limited time and funds I found myself spending more and more time hunting and dreaming about hunting, preparing to hunt and so on. After college I loaded up my trusty Toyota pickup, kissed my mother good bye and with tears in my eyes I headed to Colorado to fulfill my life dream of becoming an Elk hunter….a mountain hunter. That is was in 1996 and today I still call the Rocky Mountains my home and hunt as much as I possibly can. To my fortune I can list many animals that would include but not be limited to Whitetail, Elk, Moose, Mule Deer, Antelope, Javalina, Coyote, Dall Sheep, Bear and Mountain Lion.

Currently I spend the majority of my time parenting my son, managing my construction company, Deerbrook Construction and overseeing our newest company, Shoulder Mount Media as the executive producer.

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