Senior Field Evaluator Dave Conrad

Turkey season is fast approaching and as I was getting my gear ready a package arrived in the mail. Seems each year I think I am ready, tuning the bow, buying new broadheads as well as practicing from the blind. But for some reason I always overlook an easier way of getting the bow in my hand. It was no different this year until I opened the package. Inside was a quick fix to my reoccurring issue, Bowstix from Wanna B Outdoors.

The Bowstix easily attach to the bow via the stabilizer insert. The attachment has a variety of adjustments that will adapt to any bow. The legs can be adjusted as to how far apart via a hex nut in the end. A second hex nut midway along the main body allows for adjusting the distance and angle the legs are away from the riser. These two quick adjustment combined with the insert locking nut ensures a rock solid footprint for your bow in the blind.

The best feature, other than being a bipod, is the fact the carbon legs can be removed from the main body, screwed together and placed in your quiver like an arrow. Your bow can now go into your case to be transported. The bipod is now always with you cause you hopefully will never forget your arrows!

Another great feature is the light weight of the product. The main body which screws into the stabilizer insert is made from lightweight aluminum. The legs utilize carbon, another weight reducing component which also allows for strength and stability properties.

If you shoot a short axle to axle bow, the carbon legs can be customized and shortened by either using an arrow or hack saw. Simply remove the rubber end caps, cut to length, replace the end caps and within a matter of minutes you are ready to go.

With the Bowstix in place the bow is easily to move in place within my ground blind. The body and legs are positioned in close proximity with the riser and do not hinder the clearance to the blind when the bow is anchored at full draw. The hex bolts when tightened firmly anchor all adjustments so that when the bow is put down there are no worries of falling over.

The Bowstix does however require two different sizes of hex or allen wrenches to adjust. The main body uses a 5/32” while the end cap requires a slightly larger 3/16”. This is no problem for me as my archery hex wrench carries both standard sizes.

The Bowstix can be used for a variety of circumstance while using archery equipment. 3D shooters are always putting their bow down while stalkers can rest the bow while using their binoculars rather than struggling to hold their bow. Blind shooters, like myself, will have the bow at close distance and able to keep an eye on game instead of blindly grasping for the bow.

Support rods screw together and fit nicely in your quiver.

In the near future look for the latest version of the Bowstix which will feature an improved end cap for those who wish to use a stabilizer. Wanna B Outdoors are about being in the outdoors pursuing wildlife. They are serious about their outdoor experience and want to make it possible for all hunters to have the same opportunity. All their products are developed by archers for archers, not just any archer, experienced archers in the field.

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