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By: Trevon Stoltzfus

The sound of lovesick elk bugles filled the cool Colorado afternoon sky. Jeff, my cameraman, and I were completely pinned down as my good buddy (and team member in Outback Outdoors) Adam Wells continued to cow call 70 yards behind us. We were caught in the middle of what every elk hunter calls a “rut fest” and loving it!

The wind was right into our face and for 8 minutes we had 7 bulls of varying sizes work a small herd of cows trying to posture for the attention and affection of a few hot cows in estrus. At times I had some younger 5 point bulls within 12 yards of us but I had already set my sights on a bigger 6 by 6 bull that looked as if he was “the man” in this little bunch of western Colorado elk.

Over the next few minutes we had to make a decision either stay put and hope that the bull I wanted to shoot would wander our way or move another 25 yards straight toward the frenzied rutting elk where I would have a clear shot at the dominant bull. With minimal cover I made the decision that we were going to take the fight to them and rely on slow fluid movement and our HECS (Human Energy Concealment System) suits.

To be honest when I first heard about the new HECs technology from Mike Slinkard, my good friend and president of Winners Choice Custom Bowstrings, I was skeptical. The hunting industry seems to be a target for “gimmicks” and I was worried that Mike, who I have a great amount of respect for, had gotten sucked into another one.

Knowing how smart (and not to mention what a great bowhunter) Mike was I sat down with him at the ATA show last year as he explained how he and Max Maupin had worked together to develop this revolutionary product. Mike explained that this technology known as the Faraday Cage Principle had been around since 1890. “Basically”, he began, “It is a cage that breaks up waves or signals by using a pattern of conductive material smaller than the waves you are trying to block.” Mike went on to explain, “That is why we can stand 3 inches from our microwave as it re-heats our morning coffee without the risk of the microwaves coming through the door. You will notice that the door has a small grid pattern which breaks up those waves making the microwave a completely useful and harmless device in our kitchens.”

“That is great science,” I replied, “But what does that have to do with hunting?” Mike smiled and went on to explain, “In simple terms every living being emits an EM field. These fields are greatly intensified by the hunter’s increasing heartbeat and by all movement. New independent research proves game that animals can sense weak EM fields such as the EM field of the earth (used for navigation) as well as the EM energy emitted by other living beings including all hunters. This EM field is the true cause of the infamous “6th sense” we have all seen as hunters. Many times it is these fields that cause an animal to go on alert when there is seemingly no way for them to detect you otherwise. HECS Energy Cloak™ Fabric blocks the EM field and conceals hunters in a way never before possible.”

With my head spinning a bit one question quickly came to mind, “What about scent control?” I asked. Mike smiled again and said, “Trev you still got to hunt the wind, this technology isn’t designed to be a scent eliminating product but rather “shield” your EM field and allow you to stay undetected and help you get away with more movement.” He went on to say, “Have you ever seen a deer or elk feeding at 200 or 250 yards out completely relaxed? You as the hunter are set up with the wind right, and as that animal comes into that 80 or 90 yard zone from you they all of a sudden lift their head and start acting very cautious. We have always referred to that as their 6th sense, what they are really doing is picking up on your EM field and are interpreting that as a danger.”

Unbelievably - the author was able to move close to this bull, protected by HECS.

Mike went on to show me video after video of proof. Real life hunting scenarios where guys get away with movement that normally would have spooked off ordinary animals. The most convincing to me, since I have hunted antelope in the west for so long and know how jumpy and nervous antelope can be, was a clip of a bowhunt over a water hole where Mike and his buddy Gary had a herd of antelope at 8-10 yards and when Gary shot his trophy antelope buck out of the blind that buck was completely relaxed standing in the middle of the water hole and never flinched at the shot. He was dead before he had a clue that the hunters were even there. I was impressed, and I couldn’t wait to get into the field that fall and do some testing of my own.

Back on that glorious Colorado day during elk season I had made the decision to put our HECS suits to the test and Jeff and I stood up slowly and headed straight for the bulls out in the meadow. To my surprise I had 2 different bulls look right at us and then continue about their business of sniffing and herding their lady friends. I continued to push my luck and moved another 10 yards closer. After moving towards the herd another 25 yards I was in position and only had to let the other bulls clear and settled in for the shot as my bull turned broadside.

A well placed broadhead dropped this bull but the combination of good hunting skills, common sense and HECS made it happen.

The broadhead found its mark and in only 3 steps the bull was already doing a circle and swaying side to side. The 6 by 6 went down not 25 yards from where I first shot him and after the shot I had to sit down in disbelief at what my cameraman and I had gotten away with on this memorable elk hunt in the Rocky Mountains. We had definitely put the HECS on!

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