From: Jonina Costello – Full Throttle Communications

Getting ready for your next big hunt? You’ve heard it from your hunting buddies, experts and educators — you need to practice, practice, practice if you want to take down a trophy of a lifetime! And, when you’ve reached the point of unbelievable boredom and aching arms that feel like they’re about to fall off — practice some more! There’s only one brand of targets that can take on this kind of abuse with virtually no damage, and that’s Rinehart Targets – especially its extra large square target the Rinehart RhinoBrute.
While you’re working on perfecting your form, your Rinehart RhinoBrute Target is working hard at stopping every shot.

Shot After Shot, This Big Brute Will Take It On With Pride

The secret to its unbelievable arrow stamina is its legendary Rinehart Solid Self-healing Foam built through and through, with no fillers. And legendary is no understatement; this same foam has recently earned its sibling targets prestigious awards and industry recognition. The unique Rinehart foam allows the target to take on hits from broadheads, fieldpoints, expandables and even crossbow bolts without causing any tearing or damage. Plus, arrow removal is so easy, even a child can pull them out with ease.

Whether you’re shooting at 20 yards or 50, the Rinehart RhinoBrute sports six shooting sides that feature the company’s highly visible target zones and patterns that are ideal for both short and long range shooting. Four of these sides consist of one large target zone for honing, surrounded by four smaller zones, while the remaining two faces boast twelve smaller zones for consistent arrow shooting and placement. Adding to the targets unmatched levels of versatility, shooters can easily post paper targets to practice their perfect shot at any number of animals and target zones that match their game of choice.

If you’re sick of smaller square-type targets constantly moving once hit on one side or another, rest assure this 16x16x16 perfect square target will stay put no matter what angle you shoot at, making your practice session more efficient and effective.

There is no hanging or cumbersome set-up required with the Rinehart RhinoBlock – simply grab the handy rope handle, toss and take your best shot, that’s it! Not only is the target easy to transport, its square shape slips right into your truck bed or SUV, making packing for any trip a breeze. And, with extreme resistance to sun, heat and cold, this target is ready for action all year long — rain or shine.

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