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By: The Lady Archer Lynne Frady

Have you ever had a bow that feels as if it were custom made for you? That is exactly how the Mathews Z-7 Magnum feels. As soon as I took it out of the box it felt like an extension of my arm. The new Z-7 Magnum offers all the features that we have all come to expect from Mathews. The Z-7 Magnum is 32” axle to axle weighs in at 4.25lbs, offers a 6 3/8 brace height and has 80% let off. The Magnum’s predecessor the Z-7 is only 30” axle to axle is 4 lbs and offers a 7” brace height. The Z-7 is the bow that I shot last season.


I know that there have been plenty of reviews on the new Z-7 Xtreme which is a 28” bow with a 7 3/8” brace height. In theory a shorter bow with a long brace height is more forgiving but everyone is not created equal. Some bow hunters, like me, seem to shoot better even out of a tree stand with a longer axle to axle bow and one that weighs more.

Mathews Z-7 Magnum

The new Z-7 Magnum really fits the bill for those of us that fall into that category. I had the bow two weeks when I took it on its first hunting adventure, an American Bison hunt. When you hunt with a bow you have to have confidence in your equipment. Confidence and mental preparation is half the battle.

Author putting her Z-7 to work.

I shot the bow, which was set on 55lbs, everyday before the hunt, shooting in the string and getting use to the bow. I was putting them in the 10 and 12 ring at 60 yards knowing that I would more than likely have to make a long shot since I was going to try and stalk one of North America’s greatest big game animals.

When the moment of truth arrived I did not have to make a 60 yard shot. The behemoth turned at the last moment and came toward me. I delivered the 19 yard lung shot and fulfilled a life long dream.

This bow has exceeded all my expectations. Mathews is always coming up with new innovations and I take my hat of to them on the new Z-7 Magnum. The saying is true. Mathews catch us if you can!

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