By: Trevon Stoltzfus

The mature muley buck fed down into a small coulee and out of sight behind some scrubby junipers and if my calculations were correct, would reappear in an opening about 40 yards away. My joints popped and my bones creaked as I got up from the position I had been in for the past 45 minutes as I had belly crawled across the muddy landscape  into position to try and arrow this nice 4 X 4 buck. I still had to move into a position to be able to glass this buck’s final approach so I could be ready and at full draw as my quarry stepped out into my only shooting lane. From my vantage point I assumed I would be able to see him well before the opening, but to my surprise as I lifted my Nikon Monarch X’s to my eyes the eye cups were caked with mud from the mornings rain. In a panic, I averted my attention to trying to clean out my binos when, just as according to Murphy’s Law, the buck stepped out into position, paused and then continued through my only shooting lane and out of my life forever. ARGHHHHHHHHH!!

Nothing frustrates me more than having a situation happen that prevents me from taking a trophy animal especially when, in hind-sight, I realize I could have prevented it! There I was fiddling with cleaning the mud out of my binos from the long belly crawl stalk and I miss my opportunity on a great buck.

S4Gear LockDown

Finally someone has truly answered my cry! S4Gear has developed the new LockDown Optics Deployment System with their Anti-Bounce Technology (Because another thing that really pisses me off is when on horseback in the back country and on rough terrain your optics bounce up and give you a fat lip!) This optic harness system is the real deal.

Your binos are secured safely to your chest with Anti-Bounce Technology. Anti-Bounce Technology eliminates the movement or bounce associated with traditional harness designs. Hunters can crawl, climb a treestand and even run without the fear of their binoculars moving around or making unnecessary noise.

Glassing is made easy with the LockDown’s ShockCord security straps. The ShockCords’ unique 50-50 preload design provides secure optics placement in the moldable hood during storage while still allowing for one handed, completely tension free glassing during use.

For lens and body protection while not in use, the LockDown features a moldable security cover. The sleek, low profile laminated design features scratch resistant materials inside, an aluminum core for memory and a durable noise-resistant fabric for the exterior. The breathable, streamlined straps are designed to fit comfortably under backpacks and treestand harnesses.

Multiple adjustments allow for personalized sizing and comfort. Whether its waist size, optics size, optic-cover position, optics tension or harness positioning the LockDown will accommodate a wide variety of users. The yoke-style harness design makes the LockDown easy to put on and take off and the patent pending LockDown is available in a grey/black combo or black/Realtree AP combo and has two sizes to accommodate optics ranging in height from 4” to 7.5”

Whether belly crawling across the plains of the west stalking an elusive Pronghorn Antelope or climbing a treestand for wary Whitetails out east, the LockDown gives you the perfect platform for any model of optics you use and keeps them protected, secure and easily accessible.

In my opinion this is a ‘must have’ product for any hunter who needs the versatility of sitting quietly and comfortably while glassing or the security and protection necessary of running and gunning while stalking. S4Gear is dedicated to providing superior quality, craftsmanship and technically advanced products that meet the demands of nature and those who tame it

For more go to – S4Gear LockDown

Trevon Stoltzfus, Outback Outdoors

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