Tony Pannkuk

Tony Pannkuk

Continued from Part 1:

The next day was my turn to hunt with another traditional hunting method, a bow. Making our way through the thick palmetto bushes, it wasn’t long before we encountered wild hogs. This would prove to be a challenge using a bow. I was looking to take a nice trophy, we would need to stalk within bow range and wait for a chance to check the size of cutters.

It was late afternoon when we saw what appeared to be a nice boar. Guides, Mitch and Earl watched the hog for several minutes with their binoculars. It was feeding and slowly working its way into a swamp. Mitch decided it was a trophy.

I would stalk this creature of the jungle. It looked prehistoric as it was rooting its way through the thick brush looking for something to eat. Surreptitiously, I made my way forward. I began to feel the heat of the sun as it seemed to seek me out as I progressively made my way forward. With Earl by my side using my Leupold range finder he ranged it at 24 yards.

I drew the LimbSaver DeadZone 30 bow to full draw. It seemed forever while waiting for the shot I needed. The hog looked up while feeding, perfect I thought to myself as it stood broadside. Holding on the zone I waited until he resumed feeding and touched off the the trigger on the Cobra release. The Victory VAP carbon arrow with G-5 broadhead was suddenly on its way. The arrow sliced its way through the air and quickly found its target. It was a complete pass-through as the boar made a squeal and was off running.

Author and son with Deadzoned boar

Finding my arrow we could see bubbles mixed in with the blood. A cold wash swept through me on the warm day. We knew the boar would not go far and after a short 75 yards of tracking we found it. This was another great hunt on the Hog Heaven Ranch. We saw over 100 hogs in the 3 days of hunting. It is a great place to take my son for his second hunt.

If you would like to hunt or take your son or daughter on a boar hunt, call Bob and Diana Joyner of Hog Heaven Ranch at 863-675-2302 and check them out on the web at Your expectations will be fulfilled when your hunt is completed.

Tool Box:
LimbSaver DeadZone 30 bow
Victor Archery

G5 Outdoors
Cobra Archery


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