Mathews Bow Auction at GearBids.Net

Penny auctions are quickly shaping the online shopping experience, and everything from iPods to laptops can be found on dozens of sites for a fraction of what they can be bought for at retail. For the first time sportsmen can join in on the fun and win outdoor gear at prices 95% below retail. We are proud to announce, the first auction of its kind dedicated totally to the men and women of the outdoors. With this auction format you can win the name brand outdoor gear that you have always dreamed of at ridiculously low prices! Each day we will be offering new auctions based on current sporting season relevance. Muzzleloaders, Mathews Bows, fishing gear, and tree stands we offer a little bit to satisfy all flavors! If you see something you can’t live without, just buy some bids and let the good times roll! With each new bid we add time to the clock to give someone else the chance to bid. (Similar to the local sale barn) Once the time runs out, if you are still on top, you win that item! If you don’t end up winning there is still hope. At any time after your first bid, you can opt to use the “Buy It Now” feature to buy the product at a great discount. It’s a win-win situation! Either you win the auction, or you buy the product at a discount using your bids.

Either way, you never will pay more than the product value, and that is our GearBids guarantee to you! is owned and founded by regular down to earth guys, and is designed for folks with the same values. Founders/ hunting buddies Sam Wood, Cavan Sullivan, and Rusty Karr bring together many years of experience in the outdoor industry, and have invested a great deal of time and talent to deliver one of the highest quality customer service driven websites ever produced. This is the real deal, no smoke and mirrors. Check it out today and receive free bids just for registering. We live for the time we get to spend in the great outdoors. Hopefully we will see you out there!

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