Rick Philippi

The weather report read highs in the 60’s which meant that it would be very comfortable hunting conditions. This time of year in Texas we start to get HOT AND BRUTAL weather. I decided to head out for a couple of days of turkey hunting and take advantage of the mild conditions.

Knowing that the hens were now on their nests, I was hoping to find a Tom roaming and looking for love. I hopped into a Blind Turtle blind and settled in. A couple of hours had passed and I must admit to dozing off when I heard a thunderous gobble. I could not pin point where it came from. Waiting a couple of minutes I gave 7 small yelps. Nothing! Then I gave some purrs and just shut up. Ten minutes passed when off to my right here he came. A big mature Tom was on his way to meet his new girlfriend; he was stunning in his spring colors. His head was deep red and blue and his feathers were shining in the sun. There is nothing more handsome than a spring gobbler. At a snail’s pace going to full draw I split my 20 and 40 yard pins and released the arrow. Immediately, it was over. The bird was down!

This Tom Turkey went looking for love in all the wrong places.

I have been an avid turkey hunter for the last 30 years and I still get as excited today as I did when I first started hunting this elusive and cunning bird. For you hunters reading this, a lot of the hens are nesting and if you can get a Tom to respond to your calling. You just may have the hunt of a lifetime. Good luck.

Safe hunting,



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