Here’s the amazing SpandoFlage® “Shortcut” Facemask – no straps, no snaps, no wires or strings. Just slip it on, pull it up and “”look em in the eye!” Shortcuts have a stretch ratio of 10 to 1 and can be conveniently stored in even a shirt pocket. No other facemask on the market comes close to being as user-friendly, versatile and effective as SpandoFlage Shortcuts. The mask is comprised of a polyester/elastic blend material.

SpandoFlage® “Shortcut” Facemask - For the "Run and Gun" Hunter

“Shortcuts” have all the good things that hunters have always liked about Spando-Flage®–they form to the face for perfect camouflaged cover–they “breathe” to keep you comfortable in warm weather and they hug your face to cut the chill on a frosty morning. Best of all, they blend with camo clothing and the natural surroundings to literally cause a hunter to disappear.

If you are a “run and gun” turkey hunter, a “walk ‘n stalk” bowhunter or a “hide ‘n peep” duck hunter, the Spando-Flage® Shortcuts get the job done.

Available patterns include: Realtree AP, Black, Woodlands Green, Mossy Oak, ACU Digital. Suggested retail is under $10.

Ones size fits all – Made with Pride in the USA!

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