Xcellerator Premium Mineral Supplement

From: Kimi Herndon – Hunter Outdoor Communications

After many years of extensive research, development and real-world testing, the results are in, and they’re unanimous. Whitetail deer absolutely crave the new Xcellerator premium mineral supplement from Rack One’s IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System. Wherever it’s been used, deer have become completely addicted after as little as one time over an Xcellerator mineral pit. More importantly, hunters and land managers have reported amazing gains in antler growth and overall herd health after using Xcellerator either alone or as part of the IGNITE System.

From the moment sheds hit the ground, deer begin antler growth at the cellular level, and that’s the perfect time to begin providing them with the best mineral product on the market, Xcellerator. Without it, your deer won’t maximize their potential for antler growth—and success in this business is measured in inches.

“After you’ve taken the time to condition your deer and get them healthy following the rut and hard winter, it’s time to start them growing,” said Casey Keefer, co-owner at Rack One. “Our Grow Phase product, Xcellerator, is a high-quality, powerful mineral product. By utilizing our Grow Phase at the proper time of year, hunters and land managers are further assuring that their herd is healthy.”

Antler growing and fawning seasons run concurrently. This is when whitetails begin grazing on new green foliages, and their bodies are taking in every single vitamin, mineral and nutrient available. Xcellerator’s top-secret irresistible recipe provides all the vital minerals, nutrients and vitamins in scientifically developed proportions to grow deer. Additionally, when used in conjunction with the Condition Phase product, Overload, Xcellerator helps aid does through lactation and fawn rearing.

Xcellerator regulates many different aspects of the inner workings of the deer’s system. While most whitetail deer can find many of the vitamins and nutrients that they need in their natural surroundings, that doesn’t always mean that they can find them in the quantities that their bodies require. Most plants that a deer forages on during the spring and summer months do not contain significant levels of sodium. Sodium is a necessary nutrient in whitetails, as it helps to regulate their blood pressure and the amount of fluid that their body is able to retain during the “dog days” of summer. While they can find sources of sodium in nature, those sources are rarely found in the quantities that whitetails need.

When whitetails set out in search of what they know their bodies need, in this case sodium, they come upon Xcellerator, which boasts a sodium base of approximately 50 percent of the total content. This high concentration of sodium acts as a conduit into which other minerals can be introduced to their systems. Each and every whitetail that spends time devouring an Xcellerator pit to get the sodium that they require is also ingesting a very wide range of other extremely beneficial minerals at the same time.

Most competing mineral supplements on the market are 98 percent salt or more, and they provide deer with no other true mineral supplementation aside from sodium.

“Think of Xcellerator as killing two birds with one stone: you’re giving them the sodium they need while packing their bodies full of other vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients,” said Keefer. “While the higher sodium levels required usually peak in bucks during the late summer and early fall, mineral pits can offer huge advantages to early-season hunters looking to use them as attractants. Most bucks are still in feeding patterns, and the deer have not yet begun to act ‘spooky.’ As they unsuspectingly make their way to their favorite Xcellerator pit, an anxiously awaiting hunter can be there to greet them.”

Now is the time to turn your deer herd on to the amazing rack-growing power and exceptional nutritional value of Xcellerator, the singular product of the IGNITE Grow Phase. The suggested retail price of the 5-pound bag of Xcellerator is $14.99. Buy it online at www.huntrack1.com, or ask for it by name at your local sporting goods store.

Rack One’s scientifically engineered IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System provides 365 days of complete whitetail nutrition and attraction for your herd. The IGNITE system addresses the evolving needs with a comprehensive line of products that contain tailored levels of nutritional supplements such as protein and fat. This system is comprised of four specific phases—Condition, Grow, Scout, and Hunt. After the rut ends, it’s time to rebuild your herd health in the Condition Phase with Overload, the post-season calorie-consumption feed that helps your bucks recover from the strenuous schedule of fighting, chasing and breeding. As your deer herd stabilizes, the Grow Phase begins with Xcellerator, which is packed with the minerals and nutrients that promote herd health and growth while maximizing antler development among the bucks. When it’s time to set out the trail cams, it’s also time to begin the Scout Phase with the protein and fat-packed Chaos. In Hunt Phase, you’re ready to reign in those deer with Rut Fuel and Acorn Crush, the extremely powerful premium attractants that bring the deer to the foot of your stand and keep them there.

Xcellerator Guaranteed Analysis

Vitamin A
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
10% min, 12% max
48% min, 52% max
1.25% min
2.5% min
.5% min
375 ppm
8 ppm
1,500 ppm
800 ppm
12 ppm
3.5 ppm
12,500 IU/lb min
3,125 IU/lb min
25 IU/lb mi

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