The HAVE BOW WILL TRAVEL tour rolls on…

“Reading departure signs in some big airport reminds me of the places I’ve been…” Jimmy Buffet’s famed “Changes in Latitudes” song goes. So true. After 26 years on the road I have seen an airport or two. I enjoy flying and with a tight schedule it’s the only way to get from show to show during the busy winter show season. I will drive when a show is within a certain range but typically most of my gigs are so far away that it’s not practical to drive.

The winter season of 2011 was tough weather wise. There were lots of delayed, canceled and late flights. It seems like all my shows were up North. The people were warm and friendly but the weather was bitter cold and snowy for the most part. It seemed like the winter of 2011 did not want to end. As I write these words it is a balmy 49 degrees in West Virginia with steady rain, and this is May! Luckily I was in West Texas last weekend for some shows and enjoyed nice weather.

I wanted to share an email with you from one of the shows I did this past winter:

My pals Johnny and Dereck with Cenaiko shows.

“There’s no doubt Frank Addington, Jr. is a media draw. During the Minnesota Sportsmen’s Show, the first of four sports shows Frank’s participating in for Cenaiko Productions, he proved to be an easy “sell” to news producers and reporters, and an accommodating, professional and entertaining interview subject. Who can say “no” to such unique skills?

The total television coverage was one of the best we’ve had in years, reaching over a million and a half people. All four major stations did on-site stories during the run of the show and Frank was featured on each station. My best estimate is that his individual interviews reached a potential audience of close to a million TV viewers. That’s a draw in my book. And I’ve been in this business for nearly 40 years.

The television coverage was just a part of the overall publicity Frank helped generate. Outdoor writer Dennis Anderson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune devoted a full page to Frank’s story and his appearance at the Sportsmen’s Show, the day before our show opened. Frank also did radio interviews on behalf of the show.

The publicity coverage definitely helped bring the crowds into the Sportsmen’s Show, as well as to each of Frank’s scheduled performances during our four-day run. Show producers couldn’t ask for more.”

Margo Withy
Director of Public Relations
Cenaiko Productions, Inc.

When I first started these exhibitions 26 years ago, my goal was to have a long career and one that was consistent, not too hot or too cold. I appreciate the fact that after 26 years folks still come out and watch a guy shoot at objects tossed into mid air with a bow. To keep it interesting I try and add new shots, change the show some each season, and keep it fresh. But the overall goals and message remain steady, I am there to promote archery, a drug free lifestyle, and the outdoors to families. I think we did 25 exhibitions in three weeks in March, and of those 8 or so were first shot shows and 7 were second shot shows! The worst show was five shots. I love the Hoyt Formula bows. I am also traveling with the new Hoyt Buffalo and have hit baby aspirin with that bow too. 2011 marks my 20th year on Hoyt’s pro staff.

Author putting on another show for the crowd.

I’d like to thank you for reading my columns, and thank the promoters that hire me, the companies that I endorse and that help with the shows, and all the great sidekicks I have had through the years. It’s been a fun ride. Most of all thank those that come out to see my show, God who gave me the talent, and my family and friends at home.

Rich Walton and I have some great celebrity interviews lined up for 2011. Now that my busy show season has wound down maybe I can get caught up on my “Straight Shot” columns and the celebrity interviews. I have missed writing my regular columns here and promise to get back to the grindstone now that I’m home for awhile.

In July I crank the tour back up so be sure to watch for my show coming up summer 2011 at events across the country like the World Deer Expo in Birmingham, Alabama, ETAR in Pennsylvania, Deerassic in Cambridge, Ohio, and many more! The Have Bow Will Travel tour rolls on…

For now, it’s great to be back writing this column for Rich and Roberto. Until next time, Adios & God Bless.

Shoot Straight,