From: Glenn Walker – Providence Marketing Group

Sitka Gear Announces Team of Official Sitka Gear Heads

Sitka Gear Inc., the leading manufacturer of high performance hunting apparel is proud to announce that they have assembled an elite group of individuals known as “Gear Heads”to provide technical assistance for consumers. Sitka Gear has always prided itself on employing expert and credible outdoor enthusiasts. To push the envelope even farther they have completely focused a select few of these experts to handle all incoming customer inquiries and layering questions regarding Sitka Gear products.

This team of Gear Heads will not only be providing their expertise on specific product questions, but with their combined skills and experience, they’ll be able to help assemble the perfect Sitka Gear System based on the needs of the specific hunt or excursion.

“Assembling this team of Gear Heads was right in line with our goals at Sitka” stated David Brinker Director of Marketing. “We make it our priority to arm customers with the knowledge they need to build a system that is going to keep them in field longer, and in the end, help them be more successful.”

To take advantage of the knowledge of the Gear Heads at Sitka give them a call at 877-748-5247 or visit them online at You can also interact with the Gear Heads on Facebook.

About Sitka Gear, Inc.
Sitka Gear is the leading manufacturer of high-performance hunting apparel that utilizes cutting-edge technology to keep hunters warm, dry and comfortable in any condition. For more information about Sitka Gear visit or call 877.SITKA-GR.