Not Your Kids Slingshot!

There is that kid in each of us that grew up firing away with a home made slingshot. It was crude, usually made from a tree branch and inner tube rubber but it dropped its share of critters, cans and bottles. Well those days are history with the advent of today’s modern, high-performance Pro Diablo professional grade SlingShot from Barnett Outdoors.

Pro Diablo™– SlingShot King by Barnett Outdoors

The Pro Diablo is no mere toy but a fast shooting, hard hitting weapon that has become a favorite of the pros for it’s power and accuracy. It features a contoured ‘soft touch’ molded comfort grip with stainless steel arms, a 3-piece stabilizer system, detachable wrist brace, Magnum Power Bands and adjustable sighting system. It also comes with target ammo and complete Shooter’s Guide. Everything the pro down to the beginner needs to hit the mark.

If you are looking for a great looking, great shooting, top-of-the-line, high-tech SlingShot you will want to take a look at the Pro Diablo from Barnett Outdoors. Everything you would ever want in a SlingShot, and more.

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