Neil Summers, owner of Bowhunting Safari Consultants, has just returned from his annual Africa trip . Spending time in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia this was his 31st trip to Africa in the last 25 years with bow in hand.

On this trip he visited with some of the outfitters he currently recommends and also investigated some new quality venues. Neil notes that all of the “bowhunting only” areas he visited showed high game density and exceptional trophy quality.

“ Once I know what species are of the highest interest to a potential client, I can make a recommendation that will not only meet the need but also exceed expectation.”

Neil with his Zimbabwe elephant.

While in Zimbabwe he had the opportunity to bowhunt elephant. Shooting slightly off the mark his 1000 grain arrow lost penetration when it hit heavy bone and a rifle back up was necessary. The good news is that two other BSC clients have also bowhunted elephant this season and both registered 1 arrow kills.

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