Cass Creek Electronic Game Calls are famous for capturing authentic sounds of nature and now their most popular Game Calls are available through an iTune Download.

Charles Ricci, EVP for Altus Brands, LLC noted: “Breaking into the digital, cell phone age we are pleased to announce the Cass Creek Game Call iPhone App is now available for download. This App is only $2.99 and includes over 20 of our most popular Cass Creek calls. Once downloaded the user will be able to take their cell phone into the field to call in Deer, Geese, Turkey, Elk, Moose, Duck, Crow, Predator and more. This option opens an exciting new way for everyone to access and utilize our authentic electronic game calls. “
Particular calls may be saved for fast retrieval and may also be saved as a unique ring tone. Another special feature on the Cass Creek Game Call iPhone App includes the ability for the user to test their calling ability with the real animal and then receive a score.

To download this app go to: Cass Creek iPhone
In addition to Cass Creek, Altus Brands also owns ProEars, Benchmaster, Rifleman Hearing Protection, CrossFire Slings, Bughats, Woodland Whisper , American Bison Leather Products and Harmon Deer Scents.

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