Bowhunting Roebuck In Denmark

We have a special hunting story from one of our BowhuntingTalk forum members, Morten Olsen. I will let Morten tell the story! – Collin Cottrell, Bowhunting.Net

Bowhunting Roebuck In Denmark

Morten Olsen

On opening day, I saw this very special buck and drew my bow two times in the morning, but couldn’t get a clean shot. In the evening I saw the buck sitting in the grass and I got in position 30 meter from the buck, waiting, to see what it would do. Suddenly, a female deer was coming across the field and caught my scent and they both ran away.

The next morning I was in the same area again, but there was nothing to see and I decided to go to my hide area in the rape field. When I got in position I saw a buck 70 meter from me, walking away from me. It was “my” buck, with the special antler and I was ready!

I saw him eat some of the yellow rape plants and when he was 25 meter from me, my heart started to beat like a big drum.

Then it all got quiet and I couldn’t see the buck anymore. I waited and slowly put my head out, to see along the rape field, but still no buck.

Behind me there was a big area in the field, where the rape was only 15 cm high and in some spots there was no plants at all. Suddenly I saw some movement in the yellow plants and the buck stepped out in the open spot, only 10 meter from me.

I draw and fired almost at the same time and I saw my lighted nock hit the buck a little high.

He ran across the open spot and out of the field, where he turned around many times like a dog before it lays down.

After maybe 30 seconds he dropped and a little lift on the head was his last movement. What a hunt! It’s not the biggest buck, but a very special trophy to me!

I just love to hunt with my Bear bow!

Here is my trophy ready for the wall!
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