Cass Creek™ Mini Squeaker Coyote Call

The perfect addition to the Mega Amp Coyote Call is the compact Mini Coyote Squeaker, the newest electronic call from the leader in authentic electronic calls, Cass Creek.

This newest model is light and compact to fit comfortably in the hand and also conveniently straps to your firearm, belt or pack. It features an easy to use push button operation with Instant Interrupt so you can quickly control the call and the call sequence.

The Mini Coyote Squeaker provides five authentic animal sounds to bring coyotes on the run.
• Turkey Poult; the distress sound a lost poult makes calling for adult birds.
• Rat Distress; the defensive sound a cornered rat makes
• Pup Whine; the sounds of a domestic puppy whining/whimpering
• Grouse Distress; the sounding alarm of a grouse in danger
• Rodent Distress; the sound of a small rodent in distress

Like all Cass Creek Calls the quality of the product and the authentic sounds recorded live ensure many seasons of rewarding use. If you hunt for coyote, fox or other predators the Mini Coyote Squeaker is the call for you.

Altus Brands, LLC also owns Pro Ears electronic and passive hearing protection/amplification products, BenchMaster Rifle Rests, Rifleman hearing protection, Crossfire Slings, Bughats, American Bison Leather and Woodland Whisper.
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