By: Rick Philippi

S4 Gear is an innovative company that makes equipment that enables the hunter to function easily while in the field. I have had the opportunity to use two of their creations and what I like is the simplicity of how S4 Gear products work.

First let me cover the LOCKDOWN which is an optics deployment system. You merely attach your binoculars to the LockDown and strap the system to your body and you are ready to go. The feature of the system is the simplicity of how it works and the benefit is it will protect and prohibit your optics from bouncing around and alleviate tension fatigue while you are glassing.

S4Gear EVO

Another product that is totally cool is the Sidewinder EVO. This is an apparatus that you can attach a device to and at all times have it with in your reach for easy access, Let me give you an example. I have always hated my rangefinder hanging around my neck and bouncing around while in the field. I took my EVO and attached it to my rangefinder and I clip it to my belt and it is always within easy access and out of the way.

Take a second and jump out to S4Gear and check out their revolutionary products, they are flat out cool.

Safe Hunting,