Predator Innovations, LLC – inventor of a better way to hang treestands with their Hang-On Buddy™ Treestand Mounting System is all about making life easier and safer for the treestand hunter. Now they are making it easier to install Screw-In Treesteps with their newest product the Step Buddy™.

Jason Werkheiser explains: “Installing and removing screw-in treesteps can be a bit of a grind. The Step Buddy™ is a sturdy Tube/Sleeve that slips over the end of screw-in treesteps and helps you get them started and turned into the proper depth. It also eases removing the steps. Using the Step Buddy™ saves your hands from the friction of turning each step. It’s a simple product that simply works to save effort, time, and wear on your hands.”

The Step Buddy™ is five inches long and weighs a light one ounce. It also features a convenient wrist strap to keep the Step Buddy™ handy and prevent it from falling as you climb.

For information on the Hang-On Buddy™ and Step Buddy™ please go to: Predator Innovations