By: Frank Addington, Jr

Howdy folks, and welcome back to my “STRAIGHT SHOT” column. I am just now catching up after a busy winter and spring, and it seems that just yesterday it was January. Where does time go? I didn’t even get to Spring gobbler hunt this year, and I missed the Wyoming celebrity turkey hunt and was invited to the Kansas one shot turkey hunt but was already booked for a show.


I’ll catch you up on a few friends and then in the next column we can get back to talking archery! First of all, my father is doing great. We had a scare this past February with his heart but a new cardiologist and a trip to the Cleveland Clinic helped get him back on track. He’s in the archery shop every day and is already planning his next hunting trip.

I always say he’s the best pit crew in archery as he’s set up every stage bow of my 26 year career. He showed me how years ago but I enjoy having him do it. I can take care of it if I am on the road and something happens, but I like having Pop tune my bows.

Frank Sr with one of his many bears.

He and mom just celebrated 49 years of marriage, and they have bowhunted together just about that entire time. They dated as youngsters and when she was 13 and he was 15 she ordered him a bow from the JC Penny catalog. We have that bow on display in the shop. He’s doing great and changed his diet, getting some exercise and is getting back to his normal daily routine.

Frank with his friend and mentor the late Rev. Stacy Groscup.

By the way, I am also working on a Rev. Stacy Groscup display in memory of my old friend, and we will have a set of his buckskins on display and other items he used for his amazing archery stage show. I will also be updating my collection of stage bows and adding some bows for people to see, like a Ted Nugent Renegade recurve which is one of only three made and hand signed by Ted and Bill Weisner. I also have my collection of Hoyt recurves (One of every bow I have used during my 20 years on Hoyt’s staff) and the SKY bows I used for six years. I also have an original Earl Hoyt signed Sky longbow and others that I will feature on display.

Frank, Ted and Dick Mauch.

My hunting buddy Dick Mauch is doing great! He is 84 and filled his turkey tag this Spring at his beloved Plum Creek cabin. I believe his wife Carol also got a bird. I was supposed to have Spring gobbler hunted with them after the Nebraska Big Buck Expo in Omaha but flew home due to Pop’s medical condition at the time. We have rescheduled the hunt for Fall and I look forward to time with Dick and Carol and the dogs Tui and Kat. I was very honored to have Dick and Carol attend the Omaha show with me and we shared some fine dinners that weekend. Dick also gave me a very special gift, his father’s Masonic ring which was 85 years old. He’s a special friend and someone I admire a great deal. We laugh alot and he gives me a rough time about being a Texas Longhorn football fan and I tease him about Nebraska. All in good fun of course. If you missed the column I did on the Plum Creek camp, be sure to go back and read it! It is archery history to be in a camp where Fred Bear, Glenn St. Charles, Earl and Ann Hoyt, Ann Clark, Ted Nugent, and other archery greats have been. (To read click: Plum Creek Memories)

Wade Phillips and his collection.

Through Dick I met some fine folks in Omaha, including Craig Schoneberg and Wade Phillips. Craig is a great bowhunter and good guy, we had a fun time in Nebraska. Since I was not performing at the Expo in Omaha on Sunday I went over to Wade’s home to view an AMAZING archery collection. I was very impressed with the quality of his collection, the thoroughness of his collection, and the fact that he has documented the entire collection. He had a copy of every single Bear leather quiver produced from like 1932 through 1971. He had broadheads, arrows, bows and other memorabilia. I thought I had seen some good collections but Wade’s tops anything I have ever seen. I think it’s safe to say it is the most complete collection in the country. Amazing.

An example of the quality of Wade's private collection. Amazing is the only word that comes close to describing this collection.

Old family friend Jim Wynne was in to visit this Spring, he has been a family friend since the 1970’s and we have eaten many meals together across the country. For years he was our Hoyt sales rep and now he is a VP with Parker Bow Company. I did an interview with Jim a few years ago here and consider Jimmy Joe a close friend. We hunted Wyoming together last year and I always look forward to a meal with him. He came by this Spring and we had a good visit. He lives in Charlottesville, VA and chances are if you see a Parker booth or shooting trailer at a show, he’s there helping man the booth. Jim’s one of the best sales reps I ever met, and one of the hardest working. (Straight Talk – Jim Wynne)

Speaking of successful sales reps, my old friend Sherwood Schoch is still working hard to promote the Pennsylvania Bowhunter’s Festival. This marks the event’s 54th year, it’s been running every year since 1957. I believe this is the oldest event of it’s type in the country. Howard Hill performed there, as did Rev. Stacy Groscup and in 2004 I was honored to perform there. Anyway, Sherwood stays busy helping organize this event. It’s a great weekend of archery and I am sure those in the area appreciate Sherwood’s connections in the archery industry to help get donations, etc for the event. If you missed the amazing interview I did with Sherwood, you can view it here: (Straight Talk – Sherwood Schoch) I try and communicate with Sherwood via email often.

Bill Wiesner at his Bear Crazy booth.

My Sturgeon Bay, WI pal Bill Weisner is busy with “Brotherhood of the Bear”, and his bear scent company. Bill’s a super guy and along with his wife and sons has been around archery a long time. I call Bill from time to time and see how he’s doing. I took him to the first Mexican meal he’d ever had last year when we did shows together in St. Louis, MO. Bill’s one of the funniest people I know and we have also eaten some fine meals while doing sport shows together. His wife Sandy is a good bowhunter too, and sometimes bags a bigger bear than her husband or sons. They are great folks and good for the sport of archery.

Ted sent this photo of his 2011 Spring Bear. A great bear for Theo!

Rock and roller Ted “Theo” Nugent is busy with his rock tour and appearances on national TV. No one gets the amount of national TV time per year he does. I am working on a column on his famous “Fred Bear” song. Ted does more in a years time to get archery in front of the masses than the rest of us in the sport combined. No one gets near his media exposure in a year’s time. For info on his summer “I Still Believe” tour, visit: Ted sent word just today that he and his family just wrapped up a great bear season on several hunts. He’s busy preparing for his summer tour.

Three generations of Addington archers. Frand Sr., Gus and Frank Jr. Frank Sr. opened Addington's Bowhunter Shop in 1978.

That’s the latest on some of my archery friends. Here’s a card our son Gus drew for me for Father’s Day. How cool is that? He’s four and I enjoy time off the road with my family.

Our four year old son Gus painted this for me on Father's Day.

July means I crank the shows back up. This summer you can see my show at the following venues:

  • World Deer Expo in Birmingham, Alabama
  • ETAR in Pennsylvania
  • Deerassic Classic Cambridge, OH
  • Cabela’s Wheeling, WV
  • In The Pines Festival, Eau Claire, WI
  • Missouri River Expo in Ponca, Nebraska
  • Preston County Buckwheat Festival, WV

PLUS MORE! We have been working on the 2012 schedule and have added some 2011 dates too.

Well, I have caught you up on some of my archery pals. I will be posting columns on a regular basis now that my busiest season is behind me. Thanks as always for reading what I write… and special thanks to Rich Walton, Roberto and Collin. This is a great website and I’m very proud to be considered a staff writer for this site.

Until next time, Adios & God Bless.

Shoot Straight,
Frank Addington, Jr.