Tom Miranda Chooses Gold Tip Arrows Over all Others

From: Jim Velazquez – Breaking DayLight Marketing

Tom Miranda chose Gold Tip LLC (“Gold Tip”) to provide arrows for his four television shows: Territories Wild, World Class Bowhunting, Whitetail Country and Dominant Bucks.

Tom Miranda said: “Our livelihood depends on using the best and most reliable shooting equipment. When choosing arrows for our shows, we took a hard look at all arrow manufacturers. What sets Gold Tip apart, besides their legendary toughness, is their accuracy and straightness retention.”

““We at Gold Tip are looking forward to providing Tom Miranda and his team with arrows for all their bowhunting needs. Tom and his crew are tough on their equipment. We see their selection of our product as further validation of our efforts to deliver superior product and service to bowhunters around the world,” said Tomislav Zelenovic, CEO of Gold Tip arrows.

ABOUT TOM MIRANDA OUTDOORS, Inc. Tom Miranda Outdoors Inc is a producer for premier bowhunting shows including Territories Wild, World Class Bowhunting, Whitetail Country and Dominant Bucks. World Class Bowhunting airs Sundays at 6:30PM on Outdoor Channel January thru June;
Territories Wild airs Sundays 8:30AM on NBC Sports (VERSUS) & Sundays 9PM Sportsman Channel July-December; Whitetail Country airs Saturdays 8:30AM NBCSports (VERSUS) & Sundays 8PM Sportsman Channel July-December; Dominant Bucks airs Sundays 6:30PM Outdoor Channel July-December. For more information about the company, visit

ABOUT GOLD TIP: Gold Tip is a premier manufacturer of hunting and target arrows headquartered in Orem, Utah. For more information about the company and to see future postings, visit Gold Tip’s website, or contact Cody Powel at (801) 437-8812.