Arrowmat™ Adds Lost Camo® Faces

Arrowmat LLC, creators of the innovative line of self-healing, foam rubber target faces, is proud to announce that they had reached a licensing agreement with MCP Productions, LLC.

This agreement provides Arrowmat with the right to feature the popular Lost Camo® pattern on two of its newest target face designs, Lost Camo® Bullseye and the Lost Lady Bullseye.

These new additions to the dynamic Arrowmat lineup will feature a traditional 5-Spot configuration with regulation sized ring patterns. Complimentary colors add an exciting and edgy look to the new faces while maintaining high visibility.

New Lost Camo Bullseye Face.

Says Arrowmat founder Blair Acker. “We were looking for a way to spice things up on one of our original prototype designs, the Camo Bullseye, when the idea first came to mind. Although a popular design from the start, the original target simply used a basic “army-style” camouflage with bright colored rings. By adding the Lost Camo® pattern and making the ring sizes conform to a standard 5-Spot target, I think we’ve really done the thing some justice!”

New Lost Lady Bullseye Face.

Like the other nine designs offered by Arrowmat, Lost Camo® Bullseye and Lost Lady Bullseye are designed to last for hundreds of shots and offer shooters some variety in their practice sessions.

Each Arrowmat is constructed from a heavy duty, foam rubber material and is designed to be used in conjunction with any suitable backstop capable of bringing an arrow to rest. With a 17” by 17” surface face, the Arrowmat is well suited to work with most of the foam block and bag targets currently on the market and can be attached conveniently via the grommets positioned in each corner.

Lost Camo® Bullseye and Lost Lady Bullseye are officially licensed products and may be purchased at many authorized Mathews dealers.

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