By David Conrad Senior Field Evaluator

For 2011 Alpine Archery continues its successful partnership with Jim Shockey with the Yukon. This rugged bowhunter model immediately catches your eye with the black riser highlighted with bronze limb pockets and cams, Mossy Oak Infinity camouflage limbs and red highlighted strings.


The aforementioned Black Riser utilizes a powder coat finish which is the key to long life and durability. The cutouts of the riser give the bow a balanced look and is highlighted by the antiqued Jim Shockey logo featuring a bull moose. The grip area is enhanced with a single piece rosewood handle checkered on the backside and accented with the JS initials. The checkering is a nice added touch to the rosewood which should aid in keeping your hand insulated on those cold fall mornings. In order help alleviate any unwarranted arrow to riser sound the riser shelf incorporates a fiberlock shelf pad.

Jim Shockey Signature bow - Alpine Yukon

Limb Pockets:
At both ends of the riser Alpine has installed their top of the line VX Series limb pockets. The locking feature provided by the two pocket clamping bolts ensures stability and security and eliminates any worries about vibrations. Through years of experience the Alpine VX Pocket System incorporates the most secure clamping feature in the industry. Limbs are held on all sides eliminating any movement that could rob accuracy or cause excessive noise.

The Yukon utilizes Alpine’s ever popular, patented, dual ball bearing Velocitec Hybrid Cam System. The upper Control Cam is the key component to the smooth feel while the lower Power Cam is the secret to storing high energy levels which maximize arrow velocity. Combining the two provides a smooth and balanced feel while retaining plenty of power and performance throughout the draw cycle.

The module system incorporated within the Velocitec system allows for generous draw lengths, from 26 to 32”, to accommodate the largest range of bowhunters. On the Control cam an adjustable draw stop gives the shooter the ability to fine tune draw lengths as well as providing a solid back wall.

Included with the Yukon are two 3/8” carbon rods which are used for cocking the cams. The rods are used to relax the string and buss cables in order to install peeps, change strings or buss cables all without the use of a press. It also comes in handy for installing drop away rest cords, kisser buttons and string silencers.

With the introduction of the 3rd generation of the Velocitec Cam System cam lean issues have also been eliminated. This innovative cam utilizes dynamic load balancing. With the use of helically machined, dual payout grooves the balance point of the cams are moved laterally in continuous motion while drawn. This motion follows the load change and keeps the cam straight throughout the entire draw cycle thereby eliminating cam lean. This industry leading design allows this premier bow to maintain peak performance in speed, power and shootability which adds up to critical and important accuracy during the shot.

Parallel limbs are of vital importance in reducing shock and movement during the shot. Alpine engineering team knows that with high energy bows, split limbs are the way to go. To get the highest performance possible Alpine goes the extra mile in using a matched set of Gordon Composites Power Tuff limbs that are finished in the new, Mossy Oak Infinity Camo. The Alpine name is enhanced as well with the letters USA proudly accented in red, white and blue.

The combination of limb pockets, cams and limbs and their vital features on the Yukon make shock, vibration and movement a thing of the past.

Other Features:
In order to keep sound to a minimum, the Yukon incorporates many vibration technologies. String silencers located below each cam, sting decelerator, limb and cable rod suppressors that dampen and virtually eliminate any noise providing one of the quietest bows in the industry.

In order to make your bow field ready, Alpine extends its industry leading quality and features to a number of essential accessories. These products ensure that you will continue to achieve peak performance throughout the season.

Whisperflite Fall Away Rest:
Fall away rests have basically taken over the market. Alpine’s rest is made from the highest grade materials such as an aluminum, anodized mounting bracket and stainless steel launching arm. The Whisperflite also utilizes the same dual ball bearing technology found in the Velocitec Cam System. The wide launcher design accommodates arrows from the fattest aluminum to the skinniest carbons. Adjustments are easy to make and etched markings make it easy for vertical and horizontal adjustments. What makes installation easy is the featured cable slide on the Yukon incorporates a hole for the launcher cord.

Whisperflite Match Grade Arrow Rest

Soft Loc Quiver:
The Alpine Soft Loc Quiver features a patented design that has been around for a decade. Don’t get me wrong because the ingenuity behind the design is not outdated, far from it. This versatile system uses dual guide rails which mount to the bow with a redesigned rubber mount to dampen vibration and noise, making it not only flexible in the positioning but extremely quiet as well. The quiver is available in 3, 5 and 7 arrow configurations and a number of industry leading camo patterns.

5-Arrow Soft Loc Quiver

MR Series Stabilizer:
This industry first stabilizer uses a “Six Shooter” adjustable weight system. The unique head is designed to hold six 158 grain .357 slugs which can be changed in order to vary the weight by up to two ounces from 7 to 9 ounces. The rubberized protective head eliminates any unwarranted sounds if brushed or bumped against anything like a treestand. The MR series is available in four leading camo patterns: Realtree Hardwoods Green HD, Mathews Lost Camo, Mossy Oak Infinity and Skulz Camo.

MR 2 Stabilizer

The Jim Shockey endorsed Signature Series Yukon bow is an extremely well designed piece of high tech equipment. This feature rich bow is compact enough, under 34 inches, to be used in a blind or treestand but is plenty fast with a 320 fps IBO rating. The quality 8125 Stone Mountain Dakota bowstring can launch virtually any broadhead on the market thanks to the ample shelf and wide sight window. The Velocitec Hybrid Cam design is smooth thanks to the dual ball bearing design. I especially like the fact that a bow press is not needed when making sudden changes in the field. Outfitted with the quality Alpine accessories this bow is surely “as rugged as it namesake”.

Two thumbs up for the Yukon. This is a shooters bow.
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