Buck Stop® ‘First and Foremost in Scents’

Buck Stop’s Natural Skunk Scent long used as a cover/attractant scent for deer hunting is also in high demand for predator hunting. For years deer hunters have know that the powerful smell of skunk essence when used in small amounts is highly effective in defeating a buck’s sense of smell. The strong musky smell of skunk covers human scent while also being extremely attractive to the deer.

Predator hunters are continuously seeking out more effective methods of getting predators to respond to their calls and Skunk Scent has been a proven winner. According to Buck Stop’s President Brian Johansen, hunters are using a Pup-in-Distress call in conjunction with the use of skunk scent as both a cover scent and attractant. During this time of the year the pups are starting to hunt and encounters with skunks occur frequently which draws in the parent. Hunters are reporting lots of doubles when using Skunk Scent.

Buck Stop Natural Skunk Scent comes in a 1 ounce amber glass bottle with a MSRP of $5.95. Johansen suggests that hunters use a small twig to dip into the Skunk Scent and then toss near their electric caller. 1-2 drops is all that is required to mask human scent while giving the appearance that a pup has tangled with a skunk. One bottle should last an entire season of predator hunting leaving enough to cover deer season as well.

Buck Stop has Natural Skunk Scent available at www.buckstopscents.com.

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