From: Glenn Walker – Providence Marketing Group

Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology and innovation, introduces the newest addition to their line of target arrows, the Line Jammer ® Pro and the X-Jammer 27™ Pro. Carbon Express designed The Jammer Pro Series to be unsurpassed by any competitor putting their products in a class of their own.

“The Line Jammer® Pro & X-Jammer 27™ Pro are both great additions to the Carbon Express® family. These arrows are engineered to be tough and durable while featuring the largest diameter shaft allowed in sanctioned tournaments. Carbon Express is dedicated to producing the best target arrows on the market,” noted Mike Snyder, the company’s Marketing Manager.

Carbon Express Line Jammer.

The Line Jammer® Pro, which offers the best-spined and weight shaft in its class, gets even better with the addition of Carbon Express’® exclusive Diamond Weave Technology. Diamond Weave Technology features unparalleled spine consistency, along with a combination of the BuffTuff® carbon finish, making this arrow strong, durable and silent. Also, the BullDog™ nock collars feature unrelenting strength and durability for nock end impacts. Finally, the arrow features a straightness of +/- .0025”, weight tolerance of +/- 1.0 grains, and a spine selection tolerance of +/- .002”. Suggested Retail: $164.95

Carbon Express X-Jammer 27™ Pro

The X-Jammer 27™ Pro is engineered to be the ultimate 20 yard spot target arrow. With a 27/64 diameter, the X- Jammer 27 Pro is the largest diameter target arrow in the Carbon Express® line, while featuring the maximum diameter allowed in most sanctioned events. Accompanied by Diamond Weave technology & BullDog™ nock collars, the X-Jammer 27™ Pro offers the complete package for archery enthusiast. The arrow’s specifications are as follows: straightness of +/- .0025 max, a weight tolerance of +/- 1.0 grains, and a spine selection tolerance of +/- .002”. Suggested Retail $164.95

About Carbon Express®
Carbon Express®, an Eastman Outdoors Inc. brand, is the leading manufacturer of high performance carbon hunting and target arrows and arrow components for hunters and target shooters. For more information or customer service, visit, or call 800.241.4833.