By: Chef Sue (SusieQ) Burch

What you need:
Marinated Cube Steak (Venison)
1 to 3 lbs of venison cube steak
1 to 2 bottles of Italian Dressing (I use Fat Free)


I think it is best if you marinate the cube steak in refrigerator over night. Then grill the cube steak on grill. Toss a salad, bake or boil some potatoes and have a wonderful meal.

In my marinating container from Tupperware I added the first layer of Venison Cube Steak and then covered it generously with the Italian Dressing.

I added my second layer of Venison Cube Steak and added another hearty heaping of Italian Dressing.

With the lid on the Marinating Container, I turned it over and over several times and gave it several shakes to make sure the meat had a good start. Now to the fridge... to turn over every three to four hours.

Fire up the grill and when ready put your Venison on cooking the first side.

Looking good, Venison is almost done...

Off the grill to the platter and ready to take inside and dish up for lunch.

Our lunch of Marinated Cube Steak with a salad. Yummm so good! Perfect for any grill day.

I also grill chicken breast cut in half marinated in Italian Dressing.
Note: cutting them in half cuts down on the cooking time.

By: Chef Sue (SuzieQ) Burch

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