By: Trevon Stoltzfus

Checking the wind is vital when hunting. Trophy animals don’t grow mature from being stupid! One sniff of a hunter’s scent and that trophy animal could be in the next county. For any successful big game hunter checking the wind is like breathing. We do it constantly!


One problem that does arrive with most wind checking powders or products is that you can’t see them in low light conditions, which is normally when it is most important to hunters to know the wind direction during the pre-dawn darkness. Cass Creek has brought to market a product, BLO GLO™, a glow-in-the-dark powder that makes wind direction visible in the dark!

Blo Glo unit with screw in bottom charging light and powder tube.

The BLO GLO™ Activator uses a special light included in the package that fits on the bottom of the bellows to charge BLO GLO™’s phosphorescent powder which is placed in the top part of the unit. Then, once the powder is charged and you are ready to use you remove the top cap, and simply squeeze the bellows to send out a glowing puff¬ of glow-in-the dark powder which, like the powder in other pu¬ffers, rides the wind to reveal wind direction. The BLO GLO utilizes a special, natural scent free phosphorescent powder made from phosphorescent rock (not harsh like talcum powder.) This ultra fine powder floats better, is easier to activate with the self contained light and holds a charge for a long time. BLO GLO™’s phosphorescent powder comes in a handy container that can also be hung on a branch and used as a distance marker for an archery hunter hunting a new stand location.

Great Thumbs Up product let's you see thermals/breeze in light and dark conditions.

As I tested the product I was pleased to find, as Cass Creek suggests, that the BLO GLO™ powder also works great for other things too; such as marking blood trails, marking your trails into and out of stand locations, marking campsites and illuminating arrow nocks (to name a few other uses). This affordable product, while simple and straightforward, does more than just indicate wind and thermal direction, which it does great. Its compact size and ease of use makes it a must for any hunter who will be using that golden pre-dawn darkness as an advantage to try and take a trophy animal.
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