Hunt Monster Bulls with Stick & String Outfitters

Hunt Monster Bulls with Stick & String Outfitters

Here are a couple of monster bull hunts available this fall! One is an over the counter Arizona private and public land hunt (believe it or not) and the other is a private land southern Colorado hunt. If you are looking for a chance at a 300-350+ bull, these are the hunts for you. They are not for everyone as they are relatively expensive. But when it comes to trophy elk hunting, you get what you pay for. Space on these hunts is very limited so if you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible.

There is also an excellent, very reasonably priced, private land do-it-yourself Idaho elk hunt.

If you are interested, contact me as soon as possible via email at or on my cell phone at 720-837-9840.


Over the Counter Arizona Elk Hunts

One of our outfitters has recently acquired two separate big pieces of land in AZ where you the hunter can purchase an over the counter elk tag. Yes I said over the counter elk tag IN ARIZONA. These tags DO NOT affect your bonus points in any way. You cannot however have drawn and hunt with an over the counter tag in the same year. You are only allowed to harvest one elk per year.

WE have some very rare opportunities on these two pieces. The caliber of bulls will be in the 300-350 ranges, with 375 plus possible. Big bulls do exist in these units, but our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to harvest a 300-350 class bull with the potential for bigger possibly available.


The hunt dates for these opportunities are typically July 1st – March 31st.
This gives a hunter the very rare opportunity to harvest a giant bull elk in the velvet. Not many places you can do that.

Due to the nature of these hunts and wanting to maintain trophy class bulls. Space on all these hunts will be very limited. We will only conduct a few hunts during the velvet season, rutting season, and second rut season.

All hunts will be fully outfitted and guided for 6 full days. Includes food and lodging. Lodging will depend on which ranch we hunt.

Please call for pricing.


Southern Colorado Private Land Trophy Elk Hunts

On this hunt, you will be hunting on approximately 50,000 acres of private lands in southern Colorado leased and managed exclusively by our outfitter. This area is known for monster bulls and under our management these ranches will produce better bulls every season. Archery licenses are sold over the counter with no draw deadlines.

We have multiple ranch houses on the property to make sure everyone has comfortable accommodations during their stay and our guides are among the best in the business. The elk are in full rut with hard core bugling during the September archery season which helps us to locate the bigger herd bulls. 300-330 class bulls are commonly harvested by the clients and 350+ class bulls are killed every season. The biggest bulls ever killed on the ranch exceeded 400 B&C in size… you could have a chance at a 400+ class bull at anytime during your hunt.

There are a few openings during the prime bugling season.

Contact us for details on how to book your own hunt on this ranch.


Idaho Do-it-yourself Private Land Elk Hunts

Our outfitter leases 17,000+ private acres in unit 29. These hunts are unguided. The property is 45 minutes south of Salmon, ID and 1 ½ hours from Idaho Falls. The property is mountain timber, sagebrush flats, willow bottoms and agricultural oat, barley, and alfalfa fields. The mature bulls range from 280-330 with 350+ possible. The biggest bull ever shot on the ranch has been 378. This is an over the counter archery unit for elk.


We have a 3 bedroom updated trailer house with 5 beds. We try to only allow 5 archery hunters on the property at one time. We will only make exceptions if all the parties are from the same group. All hunters stay at the same house. All archery elk hunts are for 6 nights / 7 days. You will arrive around 12:00 – 2:00 PM on the day of the
hunt and hunt that evening; you will hunt 5 full days, and hunt on the day you leave.

The price on each hunt includes the house, all food provided and access to all the private land for a week. Archery elk tags must be purchased over the counter. An archery permit must also be purchased.

Hunt Dates

~Sept 7th – Sept 13 3-4 spots available
~Sept 23rd- Sept 30th 2-3 spots available

Hunt Price

Archery Elk hunts are $3,000 (food & lodging provided)
The hunts are self guided.

Please call for details at 720-837-9840.

Thank you for being a valued Stick & String Outfitters customer.


Stick and String Outfitters:
If you are interested in a hunt or have any questions, please contact me via email or phone.

Matt Burrows
Stick & String Outfitters (Hunting Consultant)
P.O. Box 441
Pine, CO 80470

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