From: Jonina Costello – Full Throttle Communications

There’s no better sound than when big animals hit the ground. And while your adrenaline is still running and victory pictures have begun, there’s still hard harvesting work ahead. This is where the new Big Game Drag Glove™ will be your best friend – providing exceptional leverage and making the long drag to the truck a breeze.

Innovative Drag Device Creates ‘Big’ Leverage For Harvesting Big Game

Dragging your prized deer or elk out of the field can back-breaking work. The new Big Game Drag Glove makes light of the load by utilizing the hunter’s own body weight to create leverage, saving the hunter’s back and hands from tiring in the process. It’s no surprise that the Big Game Drag Glove is the drag device of choice for Karl Badger, Western Regional Big Game Manager for Mossy Oak as well as top rated guides and outfitters across the globe.

This ingenious pair of gloves has a simple, yet effective design. Incredibly durable heavy-duty nylon straps are actually sewn into each glove, ensuring a perfect grip every time, and absolutely no slipping while dragging the animal. Simply slip them on and attach the straps to the animal, and you’re ready to drag. In addition, there are several options for use: utilize one glove, two, or enlist your hunting buddy to help you drag. Plus, while they are primarily used for dragging big game, this versatile pair of gloves can also be used to effectively hang deer for skinning.

Unlike other drag devices, the Big Game Drag Glove doesn’t have to wait back at camp or in your ATV for its call of duty – it’s so compact, lightweight and silent, it can easily be stowed into your pack, fanny pack or panniers and join you in the field.

A durable and comfortable split cowhide construction and custom sizing options ensure the Big Game Drag Glove is a perfect fit for every hunter out there. The Big Game Drag Glove comes in two distinctive color combinations: brown with orange straps, and for the serious huntress, pink with pink straps.

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