By: Aaron McCaleb – Source Outdoor Group

Stealth…the word itself conjures up images of silent, efficient aggressive advancement undetected. The Night Hawk 4 x 4 electric vehicle from Stealth is all that and more. In fact, all other electric vehicle companies gauge their foreign-made products against Stealth’s American-made 4×4. Stealth leads the way with innovative design such as the 72 volt system, featured only in the Night Hawk, which has yet to be matched for its power and range capabilities by any other EV manufacturer. Combustion engines are no match for the silence of Stealth’s state of the art electric motors. Rechargeable batteries are much more cost efficient than purchasing petroleum based fuels, especially at today’s prices. The EVs also do away with the odors and exhaust associated with conventional engines.

The Night Hawk 4 x 4 electric vehicle from Stealth.

With new products on the horizon, Stealth is as aggressive in design as it is in the field. The folks at Stealth know that you purchase a vehicle in order to travel to and from your favorite locations. The best camo paint job and long list of celebrity endorsements means very little if you can’t come and go as you please. Its 12 volt power outlet, independent front suspension, and 800-pound rated duty rear leaf springs are just a few of the reasons you’ll want the new Stealth Night Hawk.

Night Hawk 4×4 EUV from Stealth…the true definition of Electric Vehicle Performance!

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