Bowhunting.Net’s Jana Waller Takes Her Passion for Bowhunting to the Next Level

The open savanna of South Africa proved to be a challenge in gaining ground on the spectacular red hartebeest bull. Unwilling to come near our elevated blind, the smart old beest stuck to the open grasslands where we glassed his every move from 400 yards away. “Can you shoot that bow from your knees?” asked John Faul, my Professional Hunter his thick accent still lingering in the air. We quickly got situated behind a rock wall, which provided our only option in arrowing the ringed horn bull. Drawing back from a kneeling position, the shuttle T broadhead made a resounding thud as the hartebeest stepped out at 15 yards.

Jana finds success after four days of spot-n-stalk archery mule deer hunting in Alberta, Canada.

This is only one of the exciting episodes slated for my new show SKULL BOUND, airing January 2012 on The Sportsman Channel. A combination hunting and fishing show, SKULL BOUND features a variety of adrenaline-filled adventures from the mountains of the Montana to the Crocodile River in Africa. A bowhunter of 20 years, I hope to entertain other hunters, inspire any newcomers but more importantly feature the unique relationship between hunters and conservation. Belonging to over a dozen conservation groups from SCI (Safari Club International) to NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation), SKULL BOUND spotlights a conservation piece on every episode showing viewers that hunters are dedicated protectors of our environment and its wildlife. Skull Bound also features my skull design business, introducing some of the outlandish characters I meet through my artwork and escapades.

An example episode could be taken from the pages of Louis & Clark’s journal where I fish the infamous “Gates of the Mountains” along the Missouri River. From archery elk hunts in New Mexico to Florida gator and Midwestern whitetails, Kinsey HD Productions brings award winning cinematography to Skull Bound. Producer Jim Kinsey has worked in video production for over a decade, appearing on networks such as ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, NOVA, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and The Outdoor Channel. “Skull Bound is an innovative, new show that keeps viewers tuned in weekly to the variety of adventures and characters Jana encounters. Her passion for the Great Outdoors shines through and her commitment to conservation is contagious. Jana is one of those typical don’t judge a book by it’s cover, which makes her the perfect host for SKULL BOUND”, exclaimed Kinsey.

Jana launched her skull design business in 2006 where she paints, beads and feathers skulls for clients and galleries across the country.

As the sales of women’s hunting licenses soar annually, women?s position in the hunting industry continues to become stronger and more predominant. Companies are catering to women hunters from extreme hunting clothing lines to weapons designed with the huntress in mind. It?s an exciting time to be a woman in the Outdoor Industry and I’m thrilled about our show SKULL BOUND and helping to promote our country’s strong hunting heritage.