Dead Down Wind releases the only shampoo & conditioner effective on long hair that both conditions, moisturizes and eliminates tangles or dryness for men and women.

Dead Down Wind (DDW) the maker of the industry’s most complete scent elimination system and D2W guide gear is excited to reveal a refined formula shampoo and conditioner that contains specialized hair and scalp cleansing enzymes that terminate and prevent odors from forming. The ‘Huntress Approved’ hair-cleansing enzyme technology is coupled with moisturizers for exceptional results.

Dead Down Wind’s Shampoo and Conditioner is the first of four “Huntress Approved” combinations that satisfy both the huntress and hunter’s most demanding requirements in a single product. Exceptional odor control, manageability for healthy and scent free hair performance. No more tangles, easy to comb out and won’t dry your scalp like other brands. The proven formula of DDW Shampoo and Conditioner contains enzyme odor destroying technology to prevent scalp and human odor.

The ‘Huntress Approved’ line of products incorporate the best of both Dead Down Wind and our Huntress products into one great formulation,” said DDW marketing manager, Trent Keller. “Huntress Approved product combinations are now available in Body & Hair, Shampoo & Conditioner, Antiperspirant and Skin Lotion within the DDW product line. The enhanced features and formula sets a new standard that benefits both the Hunter and the Huntress. Look for ‘Huntress Approved’ Products by Dead Down Wind. ”

About Dead Down Wind®:
Dead Down Wind® is a premium supplier of quality scent prevention products and D2W Guide Gear designed to help outdoor enthusiasts become more successful in the field. Dead Down Wind® revolutionized the scent control industry through the development of a bio-engineered process known as ESP™ (Enzyme Scent Prevention). Unlike cover sprays that can only attempt to mask foreign odors or carbon clothing that only attempts to contain it. Dead Down Winds enzymes go well beyond the scope of typical antimicrobials in both effectiveness and the range of odors controlled.

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