By: Dave Conrad - Sr. Evaluator

By: Dave Conrad - Sr. Evaluator

One of the most important but simple pieces of equipment in your bowhunting arsenal can be found in your quiver. And throughout history arrows have pretty much remained the same. What is of vital importance is the flight characteristics and it doesn’t matter if you are shooting the slowest recurve or the fastest compound. The single most important influence when it comes to flight characteristics is the fletching or in particular the vane that is being used.

I have been fletching my own arrows for a good 20 plus years now and have used a variety of materials. I first started off with feathers, loved the flight characteristics on my Easton XX75 but hated what happened when hunting in the rain. I then switched to the five inch plastic vane and then a 3.75 for use with carbon. I have also noticed the way that vane profiles have changed and last year began using what I consider to be one of the best in the market, VaneTec.

VaneTec makes a variety of vanes, but for hunting I have settled on the 3.0” V-MAX. I have found with a variety of broadheads, from mechanical to fixed blade, the V-MAX is unsurpassed for accuracy. The 3.0” V-MAX come in at 6.4 grains and when fletched onto an Easton ACC with VaneTec VT-1000 the bond is inseparable.

On my current setup I have arrows, traveling in excess of 300 fps, go through animals as well as targets and the VT-1000 adhesive is one of the best in the industry. I have tried other adhesive brands which fellow archers have recommended but always come back to VT-1000.

I have found over the past year that VaneTec vanes are rigid and very durable. After going through targets the V-MAX always responds back to it’s original shape. Many of the VaneTec equipped arrows have killed a variety of animals and all I do is clean them up, change broadheads and they find their way back into my quiver.

The precision engineered VaneTec vane comes in four different models and are available in up to 13 colors. VaneTec promises to maintain a quality built vane with tight tolerances in shape, weight, dimension and texture. Which has been proven to me time and time again.

Here is the current VaneTec lineup:

V-MAX – The V-MAX utilize a standard profile. This profile is designed for increased surface area. I find myself practicing regularly out to 60 yards and the V-MAX has been proven time and time again. I have video of a whitetail taken at 47.5 yards and you can see perfect arrow flight. I highly recommend the V-MAX for hunting. In addition to the 3.0” the V-MAX comes in 2.5 and 4.0 inch lengths. The 2.5” weighs 5.5 grains while the 4.0 comes in at 9.6 grains. Profiles are .430 and .485 respectively.

HP (high profile) – The high profile series are very light and come in two lengths, 1.5 and 2.0 inches. The 1.5” weighs in at 3.2 grains while standing .46” high while the 2.0” weighs in at 5.0 grains and stands .545” high. The high profile means quick stabilization out of today’s fast shooting bows.

Super Spine – The Super Spine series are an extremely low profile and lightweight design which are preferred by long distance shooters. The low profile creates less wind drift and result in a flatter trajectory. With four sizes to choose from many 3D and FITA shooters are finding these to their liking. The 1.75” weighs 2.6 grains with a .320” profile. The 1.8” Super Spine weighs 3.3 grains, the 2.3” weighs 4.1 grains and the 3.0” weighs 6.0 grains. All three come in with a profile of .375”.

Swift Series – The Swift vane consist of a sleek shield cut, a narrow base and retain excellent memory. Just like all VaneTec vanes they require no prep and withstand the daily abuse of field archery. They come in two sizes, 1.87” Swift which weighs 3.2 grains with a .315” profile and the 2.25 swift which weighs 4.5 grains with a .375” profile. In my opinion, these are one of the best looking vanes when fletched to an arrow.

But no matter what your shooting style or arrow preference, VaneTec makes a durable vane that requires no prep work. And when combined with the VT-1000 adhesive you will find an inseparable pair.

When you have been shooting arrows as long as I have you put your trust in something that has proven itself time and time again. When I draw on an animal or target I have no worries about the vane sitting on the end of my arrow.

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