Join the FIRENOCK CHALLENGE and possibly win $3,000 plus worth of Firenock Products. OFFER ENDS AUG 17th.

If you have some free time and are willing to work a little. You can get the following Firenock products for free – a $300 value! You are going to practice no less than a few hundred shots before the seasons right? For this challenge only nocks that fit standard size circuit applicable Firenock style archery projectile do apply, they are Firenock C, D, F, J, S, V, Q, and Y style:

C style: half moon Crossbow nock for most crossbow; 2219, GoldTip Pro hunter.

D style: Tac 15 true nock with 0.165″ serving

F style: Flat Crossbow nock for most crossbow; 2219, GoldTip Pro hunter.

J style: Actual nock for crossbow with 0.155″ serving; Horton Barnett

S style: Standard nock to fit inside 0.240″ – 0.246″ with standard serving; Goldtip, Carbon express

V style: Nock to fit 0.300″ shaft standard serving: Gold Tip 22 series
Q style: Actual nock for crossbow with 0.145″ serving; Scorpyd style: Half moon nock for carbon express and red hot crossbow arrows with 0.270″ ID Yes you saw the style correctly, this year crossbow nocks are also included.

After you did your part, the following is the prize.

a) 9 Firenock circuits (hunting, target, or blinking; H, T, or I series) in any 6 available colors of LED in any combo you want (value at $35.00 X 3=$105.00)
b) 21 Firenock nocks in up 9 colors combo you want (value at $9.95 X 3=$29.85)
c) 6 Firenock standard batteries (value at $10.95 X 2=$21.80)
c) 3 Firenock Light batteries (value at $10.95 X 1=$10.95)
d) 3 O-rings ($2.00/$5.00 X 6=$3.00/$15.00)
e) 9 match weights ($9.95 X 3=$29.95)
f) 9 extreme shock battery end cap ($14.95 X 3 = $43.80)
g) 4 18-pack of Aerovane II (available in 10 colors); (good for 3 fletch on 2 full dozen arrows) ($10.95 X 4=$43.80)
h) 2 Aerovane Tool ($0.99 X 2 = $1.98)
i) 1 Firenock hat with LED and battery ($19.95)
Total value at over $300.00

This is what is involved.

1) You cannot be a pro staff, shooting staff or affiliated to any lighted nock company. Or have participated in any previous Firenock Challenge.
2) You must purchase Firenock (with extreme shock end cap(s)), and 2 other lighted nock from 2 other companies. (Archerflame, Firefly, LazerEye, Lightning Nock, Lumenok, Nockturnal, PoNock, SilverFlame, Tracer, etc.) on your own from any retail means. Must keep receipt(s) to show proof of purchase to get reimbursement. If multipack is purchased, only one nock will be reimbursed (i.e. a $24.00 pack of 3 will get back $8.00 tax not included)
3) After you have acquired the lighted nocks you need to contact me (Dorge Huang: or fax: (309) 356-5007) ASAP since only 10 will be accepted. I am willing to add as much as 2 more due to timing. Please check the official site as stated below on how many had sign up. I shall post no names of the participant; only how many had signed up till the limit is reached.
3) You have to shot each lighted nock no less than 100 times in the following way, unless it dies before the 100th shot (note that in the report/review).
a) Shot 25 shots at target day 1
b) Shot 24 shots at target day 2
c) Shot 1 shot at target and let lit on target for a week
d) replace battery and shot for 25 shots day 8
(When you are accepted, I shall send you extra 6 batteries for the testing so we all know you have the freshest battery as they are dated 7/1/2011), Note if the battery are not replaceable and stop the test here.
e) Soak the arrows in tap water for no less than 24 hours, day 9
f) short 24 shot day 10
g) Optional, shot 1 shot into cinder block to see how durable the nock is (I shall reimburse the arrow cost if you choose to do the 100 shot)
4) Post a detail report/review on each (no less than 3 page of text for all 3 nocks, and hopefully some pictures). Which include how much you pay for it, where you got it, and how you like and dislike of each. Please be honest and truthful on your review/opinion/observation, as it is going to be share with everyone. I would like to hear the Good AND the UGLY.
5) When you send your review to me (e-mail AND also post it on no less than one general archery forum, I shall send you the above and also reimbursement you for the purchase (a check in the amount of the other 2 lighted nocks and the arrow if you choose to do the 100th shot).
6) The reviews (including picture(s) posted) will become property of Firenock LLC)
7) This offer will be posted in many places.
9) This offer ends when the first 10 had signed up and send in the receipts of all 3 lighted nock purchases.
10) The receipt(s) must not be earlier than July 10, 2011.
11) This offers ends on Aug 17, 2011 even if less than 10 people had sign up.
12) The moment I got proof of purchase of all 3 nocks you name will be added (mail in, scanned and e-mail, or fax).
13) Must show purchase of all 3 lighted nock in order to qualify, your dated receipt is the only way to proof that. You will be disqualified without that.
14) All 3 lighted nocks are yours to keep even if you get reimbursed for the 2 non-Firenock lighted nocks.
15) All rules must be met or you will be disqualified.
16) The most updated site for the status of this offer will be on : Manufacturer Announcements and Press Releases section, with the thread titled “$3,000 plus worth of FREE Firenock LLC Products”. I shall try to maintain all posted site, but the official site is the only place that counts!
17) The review/report have to be concluded no later than September 15th, 2011 or you will be considered withdraw from this offer.
18) Must use lighted nock on arrow that use the style or size without presence of uni-bushing.

You will only have to come up with money to purchase 2 other lighted nocks, a Firenock pack (as low as MSRP $20.95+$9.95 more for the extreme shock end cap which absolute needed for 300/365fps for vertical bow and cross bow respectively.) and do some work to get over $300.00 plus worth of FirenockLLC products. After everything said and done, you will get the product as listed above and be reimburse for the 2 other non-Firenock lighted nocks (tax will not be reimbursed). Your actual out of pocket expense will be minimum.

Have fun. Summer is about done and hunting season is close. You need to practice and be perfect before the season anyway, right?

Dorge Huang
Operating Manager of Firenock LLC