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Wild hogs, at least in our area, move around from up and down the river, from ranch to ranch, as food and water sources change. They are “Here today but gone tomorrow.” The quickest way to find out if they are “here” is with game cameras. To see what’s going on now I put out a SpyPoint camera at an area I call the Point.

SpyPoint Pro X-Plus

The SpyPoint is an infra red camera and takes pictures day and night without the  game alerting flash of old. The Point is a hub of traffic, it’s where three of the ranch’s fences and a two track farm road come together. It’s a super funnel and wild hogs as well as deer and wild turkeys travel through the Point.

I set the SpyPoint out in mid June. It took plenty of deer pictures, but no wild hogs — until July 15 — when a lone boar got its picture taken at 8:56 pm.

Three hours later the SpyPoint was triggered by another hog.

Later on, this shaggy hog came by and got its picture taken.

A spotted hogs showed up. An eye of another, smaller hog, can be seen on the right.

And this fat hog. Now we’re talking.

But there is one thing wrong with these pictures. They are at night. We need day time wild hogs.

So we will wait and check the SpyPoint and see if we get any daytime hog  type activity.

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