9/11 From A Few Doors Down

* Reprinted from Bowhunting.net the morning of 9/11/2001

“These are taken from my window!” – Susan Lagazo

September 11, 2001.

The morning of the day to be forever remembered as “9/11”, at 9:51 EST Rich Walton opened an email from our bowhunting.net columnists Susan Lagazo. The email read, “While busy at work I saw the unbelievable… These pictures are taken from my office window!”Susan is an architect in downtown Manhattan, a few blocks over from the World Trade Center.Rich saw a series of photos of the World Trade Center that were taken from Susan’s office.

We were unable to reach Susan by email, which is understandable since Manhattan was evacuating. Susan phoned me Wednesday afternoon and she was ok. She returned to work on Thursday.

Send Susan your prayers today, as back then, along with the thousands of others who were so unjustly wronged, injured and killed in this vicious, planned attack on our country.

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