Alpine’s Jim Shockey Signature ‘Yukon’ Packs a Punch

When it comes to describing Jim Shockey names like rugged, tough and tenacious come to mind so when Alpine Archery engineers wanted to build a special Signature bow for Jim they knew it had to be rugged, tough and dependable. It had to carry the Alpine name so it also had to be fast, easy to shoot, reliable and accurate. They did it all and they branded it ‘Yukon’.

TV Star Jim Shockey had this to say about his Signature bow, “Alpine flat makes bows to handle the most extreme conditions. You don’t pamper an Alpine bow you take it where the game is, regardless of the terrain, weather or difficulty and you know it will take it without a whimper. The new Yukon fits the way I hunt and that means no excuses and no backing down. When the arrow has to get there the Yukon will put it where you aim it. End of story.”

The JS Signature Series Yukon features a durable machined riser that is black powder coated and mounted with 13” parallel limbs meticulously finished in Alpine’s own, distinctive bad boy Black & Bonz camo. It’s fitted with the legendary Large Velocitec cam with Patent Pending ‘Dynamic Load Balancing Technology’™ and Small Velocitec cam as an option with 80 or 75% let-off. The sharp, solid red and black Stone Mountain ‘Dakota’ bowstring sets off the Yukon with a sharp looking engraved one-piece Rosewood grip and , antiqued medallion to make this bow as good looking as it is good shooting. And speaking of good shooting, the Yukon fires knocks out an arrow at 320 fps.

The Jim Shockey Signature Series ‘Yukon’, no matter what you hunt, no matter where you hunt, if you need to put an arrow in it the Yukon delivers.

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